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May 04, 2006

White House on bird flu: Delegate!

My first reaction, upon reading of the White House's plan for a bird flu epidemic was to heave a profound sigh of relief:

The Bush administration plan for an influenza pandemic released yesterday hinges on sharing authority with global agencies such as the World Health Organization, and, at the opposite end of the spectrum, with governors, mayors and school superintendents.

The 227-page road map acknowledges that the federal government cannot -- and should not try -- to fully manage the response to an event that is likely to start overseas, eventually take hold in even the smallest U.S. communities, and last for months. [WaPo]

Seriously, it's better when they don't try. What are they going to do, implement a faith-based bird flu response? It's much better that the Bush administration just step away from the bird flu epidemic and let the professionals at the WHO call the shots.

Revere is guardedly optimistic about the plan, too.

Guess who else probably won't be in charge of carrying out the WHO's orders?

Happily (and intuitively) the Department of Health and Human Services will probably head up the U.S. response, and not the Department of Homeland Security. As was amply demonstrated during Katrina, DHS doesn't understand severe weather, much less pandemic disease.

CORRECTION: I was completely wrong. In the event of a bird flu pandemic, DHS will be running the show. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go practice my reading comprehension by perusing the labels on my vast hoard of canned goods, bottled water, and ammo.


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Unfortunately, Lindsay, DHS is the overall captain of the pandemic effort. If I were religious, I'd say God help us. Instead all I can say is Godammit.

D'oh. I completely screwed up. Sorry. I think optimism ran away with me for a second. I posted a correction, above.

I say God Damnit.

this is terrifying ...and ridiculous. isn't this exactly what taxes are for??
wtf is this administration doing with our money??? oh, never mind...

Strange, isn't it? I mean they've done so well with everything else...

You're being unfair. I understand they are thinkng ahead in creative new ways. Realizing that modern technology might fail, they have trained a cadre of pigeons to carry messages into and out of any infected areas.

bush has a faith based approach to a pandemic:
pray you don't get sick

Remember those thousand points of light from the Bush 41 administration? Between that and the yer on yer ownership society of Bush 43 we are definately in the deep youghert if the virus comes for us.

I rather expect a virus will hit along about October - forcing everyone to vote on-line via Diebold's special web site. And isn't it comforting to know that in the event of such an emergency, Mr. Negroponte will be in charge of determining when it becomes necessary for the Bush League to send in troops to seize control of transportation, set up "quarantine" camps, arrest and hold suspected plague carriers...

It is good to see governments doing their part. People also need to do their part and read as much as they can about the flu and keep up to date with changes. You may want to see our site.

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