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May 12, 2006

Who's going to Yearly Kos?

I'm finalizing my travel plans for Yearly Kos. Who else is going?  Where are you staying? What are you looking forward to?


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Weird, I was planning for a three day weekend in Vegas a week later.

I'll be there, it would be great to get together. Staying at the Riviera. There may be some poker squeezed in between the concientious panel-attending.

I'll be there, too, with the lovely Mrs Pharyngula, staying at the Riviera.

I'm going next year come hell or high water.

I've been procrastinating -- I'll be making my travel plans this weekend.

I'll be attending the Plame panel & the Firedoglake breakfast, and am trying to convince myself to catch the Blue Man Group show.

I'm especially looking forward to the science panel. I haven't confirmed my Riviera reservation yet because I'm not sure whether I'm leaving on the 11th or the 12th, but I'll almost certainly know in a few hours.

Does anyone know how to get around, "You must be 18 years of age or older to check-in"?

I'm staying at the Riviera as well. Barbara from Mahablog and I are going to be roomies. This is going to be so much fun.

I'm definitely going to the Science panel to support DarkSyde, PZ, and all my sci-blogger fellow travelers.

Who knew Alon wasn't even barely legal? Dan will say that the fact that I'm not wiling to take advantage of him in Vegas proves that I secretly hate polyamory. :)

"...Dan will say that the fact that I'm not willing to take advantage of him in Vegas proves that I secretly hate polyamory."

Either that, or you hate waiting in line.

Well, I'm almost legal, if it counts...

Okay, strike that: because I can't check in, I can't come to the convention... $150 have just gone down the drain. Oh well.


Couldn't you just hook up with someone and put the room in their name? Or do you have to be 18 to attend the convention?

No, it's just about checking into the hotel. In theory, someone could check me in. In practice, I don't know anyone.

I can't go unless I can split room costs with someone. Flights are pretty damned expensive from NYC too.

Alon - you interested in sharing a room?

Alon, I'm sure if you let people around here and pharyngula know what's up someone'll be willing to drop you an email, meet up beforehand, do the check-in for you. Also, the hotel might be willing to compromise if they're able to talk with a legal guardian on the phone.

The panels look really great. I thought about going, but the truth is, I don't really comment anywhere but here, and while I read a handful of other liberal blogs, I'm not involved or attentive enough to not likely feel lost in a sea of Kos-diary in-jokes.

Okay, first, there's no chance my parents will agree to me having a roommate.

I'll probably be able to get in anyway, but the emphasis is on "probably" - I've talked about it with DarkSyde.

Yes! Lookin' forward to putting faces with names (or bodies with online personas).

Also maybe hoping to get comp'd to see Penn and Teller.

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