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June 21, 2006

Big media Scott rocks on

Scott Lemieux is now officially famous:

The confirmation of two conservative Supreme Court justices and the passage of a draconian abortion ban in South Dakota have again thrown the precarious state of reproductive rights in the United States into sharp relief. It’s a serious moment -- which makes the continued preference for clever counter-intuition and abstract debates shared by many of the nation’s prominent, avowedly pro-choice pundits all the more troubling. [...]

Read the whole thing at The American Prospect.


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Uh oh! Cass Sunstein is totally gonna take Scott's Serious-Mindedness Card away!

Scott's been doing an excellent job of poking holes in various "contrarian" positions for some time on LGM...nice to see him getting a wider audience.

Read the whole thing at The American Prospect? It's a subscriber-only article.

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