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June 24, 2006

Cadbury chocolate may have poisoned 40

The Guardian reports that Cadbury's chocolate bars tainted with salmonella may have poisoned up to 40 people. Cadbury allegedly knew that a water pipe was contaminating chocolate crunchy bits, but continued to make tainted chocolate for 40 days, and failed to alert the food safety authorities for several months thereafter:

The Food Standards Agency accused Cadbury of failing to alert the agency after a leaking waste water pipe at a chocolate factory contaminated the "milk chocolate crumb" which is blended with fillings to make Cadbury's sweets, including the Dairy Milk Turkish bar, the Dairy Milk Buttons Easter egg and the Freddo bar.

An FSA spokesman said the chocolate-maker had discovered in January that the bacteria had got into its products, but only alerted the FSA on Monday, after 1m contaminated bars had been sent to shops. Half a million were on sale and were being cleared from shop shelves yesterday.

The agency spokesman said: "It was found in January, but they didn't tell us till Monday. In the interim, products have gone out into the market. There was a window where they knew they had a problem in their factory."

Cadbury had corrected the problem in March, which meant they were producing contaminated bars for roughly 40 days. [Guardian]


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I betcha Cadbury is owned by dirty atheists and this "accidental" bacterial contamination of chocolate Easter eggs was their secret declaration of War On Easter. Fucking traitors.

I don't see a problem here. After all Ameriscam corporations can be trusted to do the right thing. They tell us what good corporate citizens they are.

So a few people become ill, or die - it's the investors who count, more market magic.

It's them librul government regulations and trial lawyers who interfere with Atlas shrugging.

Oh well, I do need a break from chocolate.

Shoot. I actually like Cadbury chocklate.

Some of the chocolate was so thoroughly infected that it exhibited motility:

whats wrong with me my lips have flared up after eating cadbury snaps am i poisoned??? i'm really scared now please give me answers my lips are flared and i have a horrible taste in my mouth.

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