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July 13, 2006

Anti-semitic like me

Jason Horowitz intimates that darker motives are quickening opposition to Joe Lieberman's senate reelection bid in Connecticut, namely that, blogs hate Jews. Horowitz contacted Ezra Klein for a quote:

“There is a suspicion that the blogs are not challenging Lieberman for the reasons they say they are,” said Ezra Klein, a writing fellow at The American Prospect who has been critical of Mr. Lieberman. “That it is indicative of some larger and more pernicious influence. It’s a little bit harder to say that these are a bunch of liberals who have gotten organized and don’t like Joe Lieberman.” [NYO]

Too bad Horowitz chopped off half the quote, the part where Ezra said that fatuous accusations of anti-semitism were part of the Lieberman camp's self-serving narrative of victimhood.

Interestingly, Lamont is beating Lieberman among Jewish voters, according to an internal Democratic poll.


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As a Jewish blogger I am disgusted that someone is trying to push the lie that the progressive blogosphere is anti-semitic. Sayng that all jews have to agree on all issues is what's really offensive.

Horowitz sounds like the sort of person who will conclude that I'm a Holocaust denier because I make jokes about the International Jewish Conspiracy (motto: if we could invent the Holocaust, there's nothing we can't do) on various blogs' comment threads.

It isn't just bloggers; apparently, in Horowitz's world, most Jewish primary voters in Connecticut are also anti-Semitic. Must be a whole epidemic of anti-Semitic Jews.

"Anti-semitism" here is a base canard. I support Joe, but this point is complete bullshit.

I am not a self-hating Jew, just a Joe-disliking Jew. Notice the subtle difference.

Nice of Phantom to give us yet another data point for the proposition that Joementum is mostly admired by Republicans.

Choosing to oppose Joe Lieberman is a typical example of Jewish anti-semitism, and there's a good reason that many Jews make anti-semitic choices: Lindsay, Elana, Alon, SteveG, etc. must all be self-hating, suicidal Jews, and the lay Jewish leadership have their collective head up their asses. Pammy says so. Your liberal guilt will be the end of Judaism in America. Pammy also says so, same article. Conservative Christians who support Stop The ACLU will certainly have nothing to do with ending Judaism in America.

Without some data showing that most pro-war, pro-Bush bloggers hate pro-war, pro-Bush Jewish candidates, or that most bloggers love pro-war, pro-Bush candidates unless the candidates are Jews, it's a little tuff to see what case there is to be made.

Dan, the point is that anything short of unconditional support for Israel is anti-Semitic, and hence anything short of unconditional support for a candidate who unconditionally supports Israel is anti-Semitic. Never mind that, for example, Lieberman's legislative agenda will make it easier for Christian fundamentalists on a power trip to violate Jews' freedom of religion, as happened in Delaware. If you don't have Israel's inalienable right to murder civilians as your sole preoccupation, you're a Nazi-loving anti-Semite.


Well, I'm on record as saying that Joltin' Joe will win the primary, so you can say "told you so" on primary day. But do expect to be dissapointed.

I believe that there are many Lieberman supporters who support him unconditionally because he does unconditionally support Israel. It is a reflection of their own priorities that they believe those who don't support Lieberman are "anti-semitic" because they are failing to support one of Israel's most ardent supporters. Surprising though it may be to such people, there are large swathes of voters for whom Israel is a secondary issue at best in their assessment of candidates and thus, their support or non-support of Lieberman is no indication one way or another of their general feelings about Jews, although it may suggest that Israel is not their top priority.

It is truly a shame that Joe Lieberman entered public life as a dedicated public servant, and appears to be leaving it as Seinfeld's Uncle Leo.

Just to play devil's advocate here for a second, aren't progressives holding Lieberman's feet to the fire for his vote on the way in a way they're not holding Kerry or Hillary's?

It's obviously not anti-semitism but maybe it's something else. Progressive Democrats have to swallow hard when it comes to the influence of the Israeli lobby over the Democratic Party.

So a lot of this resentment gets projected onto the one Democratic Senator who's out of the closet and unashamed of his neocon politics. He's also an orthodox Jew. If he were a Christian or a secular Jew and made some effort to show some remorse for his vote on the Iraq War resolution, he might get let off the hook like Hillary or John Kerry.

I don't think it's because Lieberman's an Orthodox Jew. You should bear in mind that documented cases of anti-Semitism do not discriminate between religious and secular Jews.

Rather, it's probably because, as you said, Lieberman's been vocal and unapologetic about his hawkishness. Further, whereas Kerry and Hillary voted for the war because they are as spineless as a mollusk, Lieberman voted for it because he's a genuine neocon. Finally, Lieberman has been less critical of Bush than Kerry and Hillary, to the little extent that this is possible.

Just to play devil's advocate here for a second, aren't progressives holding Lieberman's feet to the fire for his vote on the way in a way they're not holding Kerry or Hillary's?

No. It's about Lieberman bashing the Democrats and sucking up to Republicans. Kerry and Clinton don't do that.

Clinton and Kerry have never seriously implied that public criticism of the president is tantamount to treason. I think that's what separates Lieberman in my mind from just about any other Democrat. Not to mention the dust up over emergency contraception, the bankruptcy bill and Alito.

My source inside the Lamont campaign told me months ago they expected Lieberman's supporters to try and paint Lamont and his supporters as "anti-semitic". Fortunately, it doesn't appear to be working.

I don't care if Lieberman is Moses, Abraham, and Jesus reincarnated and rolled into one big matzo ball, he stinks of gore cooking in the Iraqi heat, that's what it's about.

>Interestingly, Lamont is beating Lieberman among Jewish voters, according to an internal Democratic poll.

Not really surprising-Jews remain the most reliably progressive "white" voters.

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