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July 03, 2006

Bernie Kerik's name taken off jail

Disgraced former New York police commissioner Bernie Kerik's name was removed from the Bernard B. Kerik Complex jail between 1-and 3am last night after Kerik pleaded guilty to corruption charges.

As you may recall, Bush shortlisted Kerik to replace Tom Ridge as the head of Homeland Security in 2004, but the nomination was derailed when Kerik's mob ties came to light.


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Karma bites.

"bites" as a noun, or as a verb?

Where are Frege and Russell when we need them! How often do you get the chance to make denotation and connotation coincide by putting a man in a prison named after him?

"Bites" as a verb.

(As much as Kerik deserves the Karmic bite, I also see this as a proxy biting of Giuliani.)

It would only really be just if he ended up spending time in the jail.

And this guy was hand selected by Bush to head up Homeland Secutity...the mind boggles.

Lindsay you write "Bush shortlisted Kerik to replace Tom Ridge..." You link to an article which states:

President Bush has chosen Bernard B. Kerik, the New York police commissioner during the attacks on the World Trade Center, to take over the Department of Homeland Security...

"[H]as chosen" is not the same thing as "shortlisted." Is this you speaking in Venn (i.e. all A are B but not all B are A)?

I'd say a jail is the best thing to name after him.

I think they should name a cell after him.

We should name a cell after him, and Ken Lay should lie in state there.

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