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July 18, 2006

Lebanese jazz musician blogs the bombing

Mazen Kerbaj, young Lebanese jazz musician is blogging about life and art during the bombings:

"anyways, music and drawing are the only things keeping me going these days. i recorded two hours of bombs + trumpet from my balcony yesterday night. some bombs were really close (what kind of mouthpiece do the israeli pilots use to have this sound?). the tension you get in your playing is incredible. also, i draw all time.

i always said that i regret not being adult during the war to see if you can do something in these situations. now i feel bad to draw or play music while people are burning. i convince myself by saying it is my only way to resist. that i have to witness. that it is very important. but i am not really convinced. i try to be a fucking witness. to show a little bit what's happening here. in my own way. but having regards for what is a good drawing or a good music track drives me crazy. i cannot stop saying after a bomb: "yeah, this one was huge. i'll leave a long silence then make a small sound to balance the track." this is totally crazy!"

Hat tip to Thad.


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Every witness feels bad not to be able to do more. But the witness is crucially important to history, and to our understanding.

I can only hope that I would exhibit that kind of courage and creativity under such horrific conditions. May God protect him.

Cue the wingnut contingent to come and tell him that if he isn't personally driving Hezbollah out of South Lebanon with his trumpet, then he's a stupid Islamofascist who deserves whatever he gets.

this is courage, more than W can say

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