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July 27, 2006

Live from BlogHer, San Jose

I just arrived in San Jose for the BlogHer conference, I'll be speaking on a panel about political blogging.

I'm looking forward to meeting Lauren from Feministe.

More updates soon.


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>I just arrived in San Jose

My condolences. But if you're able to, do have Thai food at Krung Thai on Winchester and Moorpark, a couple of blocks south of Santana Row shopping center; Japanese food at Minato at 6th Street and Jackson, downtown; Indian at Pasand Madras at El Camino Real and Lawrence Expressway in Sunnyvale, or at Shalimar on San Fernando Street, downtown (but don't pay by credit card at Shalimar); Asian fusion at the E&O Trading Company, downtown at 1st or 2nd Street and San Fernando; or (drumroll please)

Shredded beef tacos, beef tortas with California avocados, or any other wonderful Mexican food at the world's greatest Mexican hole in the wall,

La Victoria Tacqueria, 4th Street and San Carlos, downtown. Very wonderful. Enjoy your stay!

Forgot to mention the Stack's chain of restaurants, for breakfast or brunch. Chocolate chip waffles with whipped cream, or the pancakes, that's the tip. And they leave the whole coffeepot with you when you order coffee, I like that. There's one on Campbell Avenue, just a couple of blocks east of Winchester, in Campbell.

Also, if you're in a position to take a bike or a hike with friends, one of the great things about San Jose is the big city parks that ring the foothills. Alum Rock Park, in the east foothills, has been closed, but in the foothills at the end of Stevens Creek Boulevard, at the west end of the valley, there are a couple of very beautiful parks. Also at the south end of the valley, near the end of the Almaden Expressway, but you probably won't be near there.

The Egyptian Museum downtown is worth seeing, and maybe the Tech Museum.

Though if I were spending a few days in San Jose, I'd want to throw down my baggage and head immediately either to San Francisco, or an hour south to the very cool city of Santa Cruz, where the great 80s ska band the English Beat are giving a free concert on the beach, Friday night. Go two-tone!

/unsolicited advice

Please continue your regularly-scheduled thread.

1984, Shalimar has changed management (and what would be the problem with paying by credit card there?).

Lindsay, you'll note that we wrestled the temp back to double digits (degrees F) for your visit. You're welcome.

Thanks Dr.--oh, there was one cheesy incident with a guy behind the counter who seemed shifty. But the lady there was always very nice, and the food of course was always incredible. Hope it still is, following the change in management?

And yes, thankfully the temperature finally broke. Whew!

Oh, and the Gilroy Garlic Festival is going on this weekend, maybe 40 minutes south of town (and yes, the whole town does smell like garlic even when the Festival isn't going on), and as you've probably heard, the Grand Prix is happening downtown, if you want to get Raider-trashy.

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