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July 08, 2006

Sunday Sermonette: The prequel

Funniest thing I've seen online in ages: Papal lizard, by Pam of Pandagon.

Also, Anne "Firedoglake called me a baboon" Althouse needs to brush up on her primate-identification skills.

In fact, I believe that FDL implicitly likened AH to a rhesus monkey. This is what a baboon looks like.

Calling Ann Althouse a baboon would be the taxonomic equivalent of switching from "Rape Gurney Joe" to "Bonobo Joe".

In other words, the terminological switch would be like apples forcing themselves on oranges.


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Bonobo Joes, as you seem to know, aren't entirely faithful to their Bonobo Hadassahs. You're lowering the tone of political discourse with this kind of smut.

Not that Bonobo Hadassahs are slouches in that department.

calling ann althouse a baboon would be the taxonomic equivalent of switching from "rape gurney joe" to "bonobo joe".

you know, that's an insult to baboons everywhere.

I'm back. Seriously, is there any way strings can be pulled, some sort of directive from the blogger nerve-center, so that 'Bonobo Joe' can be made the stipulated form. It's fetching and I'm sure everyone, perhaps even the Senator, would enjoy saying it. (The sexual connotation is a problem, but we can just not think about it.) Eight syllables, two beginning with 'b', all ending in 'o': 'Bonobo Joe'.


I think those are macaques. But I'm not a biologist, just someone who likes to visit zoos and then feel very conflicted about the idea of putting endagered animals in safe but very small cages.

KH: Bonobo Joe woudl be far too much of a complement. Bonobos are the one of the best primates ever. One important way bonobos are not like Connecticut Senators: bonobos rarely fight, and never engage in full scale war. They use lots of promiscuous sex to iron out their personal differences and avoid conflict.

That baboon picture is astounding. Everyone should click through to it.

God, Mr Helpy-Chalk, must everyone be so churlish? I too would prefer to see CT represented by an actual Bonobo, but sometimes the best way to get someone to behave as you'd prefer is to talk to them as if they already were. If we can make this thing stick (I'm confident we can), then before you know it we'll have Mr Lieberman rutting on the Senate floor with Bonobo Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R-TX) and Bonobo Rick Santorum (R-PA).

As you see, I've started prefixing 'Bonobo' to everyone's name. The sexual utopia I long since gave up on (all it ever got me was an inbox full of Mr Pregnant videos) may be just around the corner, all thanks to Ms (Bonobo) Lindsay Beyerstein.

Like the new pic.

I think those are macaques.

Rhesus monkeys are macaques, one of about 20 species. I thought these guys mnight be Japanese macaques, but they might be rhesus. They are seriously not baboons. :)

anybody here ever eat rhesus pieces?

Funny you should mention the apple/orange distinction. Because the NYT seems to be having problems with reporting about it.


After TV Debates, Pakistan May Ease Laws on Rape Reporting

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, July 8 — The young audience fell into confused silence and then buzzed with whispers after Mir Ibrahim Rahman announced that there was no difference between an apple and an orange.


Oh, but wait... context matters:

"The Hudood Ordinance makes no distinction between rape and adultery," Mr. Rahman explained to his audience. "It is just like saying there is no difference between an apple and an orange."

Read the whole thing at...

.. where the motto is "ledes lie."

regards, cat`

Poor Ann Althouse. I can only imagine her, tying on a few at a college bar afer a conference with Glen-O, discussing blogotopia...

"So I can be a big star... by only compromising myself 85%?"
"85%, babe. Now lestalk bout the seckind mendmint.."

And that 15% has been her bane e'er since. Too smart to succumb, but too committed to back away...

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