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July 02, 2006

The White House is trying to kill Dick Cheney!

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Glenn Greenwald reports that Michelle Malkin, Hindrocket, and RedState are sounding the alarm about the New York Times travel section of trying to kill Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld by writing about their summer homes in St. Michaels, Maryland.

As alarming as that is, did you know that the White House is also trying to kill Dick Cheney? says he lives at Number One Observatory Circle, "a white 19th Century house overlooking Massachusetts Avenue in Washington D.C."! If you can watch the online video of Dick Cheney's house, and look at pictures of his tacky furniture, the terrorists can, too.

Arguably, the revelation that Dick Cheney has a summer house in Maryland is more dangerous because some people still trust the New York Times, unlike that clown from Crawford who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


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Ouch! and LMAO... maybe the realization that a world without Dick Cheney would be a safer one for the United States (to say nothing of the Rest Of The World) has finally trickled down to the whitehouse.

Dick Cheney's location is supposed to permanently remain undisclosed. Every patriot knows that. Why not just give the U.N.'s black helicopters flying directions, Lindsay? Between you and Bill Keller I'm surprised that we ain't living in the Islamic States of America yet.

A most astute observation.

Crooks, liars, hypocrites. What else is new?

OK, just to make it simple: anyone who says or prints anything, anywhere, is helping the terrorists.

One of the greatest satirical posts I have read in years. Kudos.

I can appreciate the humor, but my gut tells me we lose whenever we pay any attention to those retards.

Just a reminder to readers: PLEASE DON'T OUT ANYONE HERE. I had to delete one comment with a right wing blogger's home phone and address.

Just don't.

I don't care what they allegedly did, or whether you think they deserve it. This is my blog with my real name and my real picture and I don't want to be dragged into this expose war.

I looked at that mess. I can't fucking believe it. Can you fucking believe it?

No, really. It has to be performance art. It has to. It has to.

It has to.


We have located the chief infidel's lair! Our allies who have infiltrated the U.S. mint have managed to print a picture of The Bush snake nest on the back of the twenty dollar bill!! Blessed be Mohammed, Prophet of God! All you need to do now is get some rocket propelled grenades, a double-sawbuck and a cab, then drive around D.C. until you find the den of jackals depicted on the bill!! Blessings of Allah be upon you! Kill the unbelieving crusader!

The absurdity of attacking the NYT over this is sufficiently far out there that there may be a backlash. If the Dems are smart they'll go after the Washington Times for their various leaks of classified information, including at least one that shut off a major espionage channel leading directly to OBL.

Pretty soon the location of the White House will be a secret.

Yeah, its a good thing the wh is trying to .... ooppps never mind...

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