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July 10, 2006

Warner campaign worker murdered

A 27-year-old campaign worker for Mark Warner was murdered in Washington D.C. while trying to protect his female companion from would be-rapists. Alan Senitt moved from the U.K. to work on Warner's campaign. [BBC]

Four suspects have been arrested in connection with Senitt's killing. [NY Newsday]

My condolences to Mr. Senitt's family and to the Warner campaign. He died a hero.


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Another D.C. activist who was murdered in the past couple of days.

This is probably the wrong place to talk about the massive, disturbing class and racial double standard in D.C. crime reporting. But it's there, and I hate to see this blog contributing to it.

Sally, thank you for letting me know about Chris's shooting. I posted about it a few minutes ago.

It has been a tragic week for the progressive movement. We have lost two stalwarts. One battle-hardened ally in the prime of his life, and one younger guy just starting out... I've literally got tears in my eyes contemplating the loss.

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