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July 11, 2006

Zidane headbutt in LEGO

Headbutt, originally uploaded by Mads Boedker.

Today's Flickrfind.


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I hate to be negative, but it looks like a bow, not a headbutt.

Alon, LEGO, like the blues, is not about limitless choice.

Ridiculous! They were moving down the right touch line, nowhere near Barthez. Tcha!

Now I understand perfectly what happened during that fateful headbutt. It's better than all the damn camera angles I've studied obsessively since this incident occured. Lego dioramas make things so much easier to understand. If they made one that explained evolution I might even sign on to that heretical theory. Until then I'm sticking with the bipolar God of Genesis as being the Supreme Magician who pulled every single species out of his magical top hat, along with the earth, sun, stars, etc. I HAVE to. Is there a Lego version of Charles Darwin, or the HMS Beagle, or even a single fucking finch? And you guys wonder why so many people think evolution is bunk.

You can see too much soccer:

Looks like he's mooning.

Perhaps it is a reflection of the state of my fundamental moral depravity, but I view the image from a VERY different point of view....

I get what you're saying, Bruce. Yes, you are fundamentally morally depraved. And so am I for getting it.

All players trade insults of every kind. All sorts of bad play happens such as dives, shirt pulling and holding. None of this is right.

However direct premediated attacks like what Zidane did is not accepatable for any reason, no matter what was said to him. Deal with it after the game.

Many seem to either not know or forget that Zidane seems to have a "good" record of being red carded for dangerous offences before, including head butting and stomping.

Perhaps because he was such a fantastic player of the ball his other short comings were being overlooked all this time. Players who have this sort of record should be banned for life from all play everywhere irrespective of how good a player of the ball they are. The game is bigger than the player.

"Is there a Lego version of Charles Darwin,"



Not to switch sports, but i will, I once stayed up for 23 innings of a baseball game. How else is a game to be decided? Ties are boring, frustrating, inconclusive. We want winners and losers.

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