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August 10, 2006

Hannity Sucks Ass

Mike Stark, originally uploaded by Lindsay Beyerstein.

Mike Stark of Calling All Wingnuts got this sign live on FOX News by sneaking up behind Alan Colmes.


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He does!

Why do so many liars keep their jobs?

Is lying not something you are NOT supposed to do?

Somebody had to say it.

Yeah he got mentioned and shown on John Stewart's Daily Show as well last night. Crooks and Liars has it.

Somebody had to say it.

Twice, if need be.

Yes. :) Succinct and pithy.

Every once in a while, a pie in the face is called for.

find out what he's drinking and i'll send a case

find out what he's drinking and i'll send a case

Hannity is not a liar. Show me the evidence that he faked a news story as did Dan Rather or that he faked photographs as did Reuters.

He's a news commentator of the right wing talking points type. He's no worse than the left wing talking points guys and gals who inhabit this place. And at least he criticizes Bush on immigration. Does this site ever criticize any accepted liberal position, saying the conservatives are right on any issue? Hmm...

Its far better to be play it straight and to call them like you see them, but 99% of bloggers and MSM commentators don't have the moral and intellectual strength to do so. Doesn't mean that they're bad guys.

Those who applaud what this stoonad did probably slap their knees at Howie Stern's antics. The left's Baba Booey in all his glory.


I googled "Hannity Lies".

The most prominent result is an Al Franken Show link:

Sounds like evidence to me.

Comparing this blog, which is by a single person and which doesn't always have political posts, to a professional political pundit, is disengenuous at best.

A better comparison is to a site like Daily Kos, which does question the statements of Democrat officials all the time. Hannnity, from what I've heard, is much more likely to repeat GOP talking points uncritically. The frustrating thing isn't that he has opposing views, but that the strategy appears to be drowning out competing voices by sheer volume and repetition.

And this also addresses your other point. The official message of the GOP and conservatives is so in lockstep, is so far to the right, that yes, there's very little liberals can ever agree with. But when politicians like Hastert show some courage, break ranks, and criticize the war? Yep, the liberal weblogs cover it.


I'll take Air America at it's word in these quotes, which is probably a very bad thing to do.

But even if the Hannity quote is entirely accurate, and if Franken's assessment of the facts is also factually correct, I wouldn't think that Hannity's "lies" are on a par with the fabrications of Rather & Reuters.

A lot of Democrats are playing a clever stealth strategy on "gay marriage". They tell the voters that they oppose it but vote against the Defense of Marriage Act and quietly hope that the legal stealth strategy works. In this context, I don't know if I disagree with the fact that Kerry was really "for gay marriage". At worst, it's spin.

But I'll never disagree with the fact that Hannity is a spin-meister, a big time talking points guy.

comment to Andrew's blog entry: I agree with everything you say + Hannity and basically the entire FAuX News Network is a party of the Bush machine! Hey I hope the best for Bush, I love the USA! But isn't that obvious to everyone that Fox leans hard right? CNN, MSNBC, all the others are neither here nor, there and are just trying to sell ads and are rather boring. I do enjoy watching Faux News, I'll admit it, but it's just to watch a good debate, which is once in a blue moon! O'rielly is shameless plugger about his stupid book and lame ass concepts! no such thing as SP's Letterman, rocked him!

i hope. abcba9fea0 thanks

Hahaha! all of you hannity haters suck even more ass! maybe we should all get together and rub a terrorists belly and feed him grapes while fanning them with giant leaves! you guys are so pathetic... HAHAHAHAHAHA!.. this stuff is too funny. franken (stewert) is a poopy unwiped butthole.. have fun with his balls in your mouth.. maybe thats why air america failed so bad and conservative talk is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo prosperous! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

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