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August 28, 2006

Hurricane Katrina timeline

ThinkProgress has compiled an excellent Hurricane Katrina timeline. I also recommend Quiddity's Katrina timeline.


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The Think Progress timeline, which I link to in this post, helps keep track of the flyover president and his broken promises.

For many Americans Katrina is already long gone, although we're just paying lip service to the anniversary now. It seems to be a national habit to forget the past and move on. History may not let us off that easily, however. "What's past is prologue," wrote Shakespeare, a man who knew a thing or two about callous, uncaring leaders.

Looking back now a year later at "Bush on a Plane" -- it's frightening that this guy has more than two years left in office, two more years to fly from here to there, posturing to his heart's content, while the country goes to hell.

Hurricane season comes once a year. Bushco mismanages the recovery so that it takes a year to restore about a 1/10 or is a 1/4 of the housing stock destroyed. IF we can keep from having a Katrina-sized storm more often than one year out of 4, or is it ten, then we will be at a sort of break-even. With global warming and a gutted Army Corps of Engineers, we aren't getting fewer or weaker storms yet we aren't getting more prepared either. I don't suppose dear leader got very good marks in math.

Does he think the whole problem has been "privatized" over to the insurance companies? They are screwing everybody they can in the wake of Katrina.

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