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August 03, 2006

Jockey banned for headbutting horse

Jockey Paul O'Neill received a one-day ban from racing for headbutting his horse.

Okay, Zidane has officially corrupted civilization. Now, Warner Music has a hit song glorifying Zizou's capital retaliation against Marco Materrazi in the final match of the World Cup:

`Head Butt,'' a song by two French brothers and a friend, published by Warner Music France SA today hit the top spot on the weekly charts, according to the Ifop survey institute, a Paris-based polling company. As of July 29, the one-song CD had sold over 60,000 copies, Ifop said. Warner released the CD on July 20, and sold about 17,000 copies on the two first days. [Bloomberg]

See the video of the Zidane song, marvel at the sheer depravity.


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