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August 08, 2006

Joe's Boys

Joe's Boys, originally uploaded by Lindsay Beyerstein.

Lieberman supporters.


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Perfect. Worth every word printed in this week's New Republic.

What DJA said. Save for the implied statement that you ought to pay people to look at the picture.

Republicans. Every single one of them.

The thick neck. The short hair. The vacant look.

Do you think they gave that one guy shit for not wearing khaki pants?

>The thick neck. The short hair. The vacant look.

I was restraining myself, but:

"Wew! Wew, wew, wew! And don't call me 'Dim' no mo'! 'Officer,' call me!"

And the guy on the far left looks just like Pete or Georgie.

("Wew," of course, is "Well," pronounced as Pink Floyd's classroom singers pronounced "Wall," as in "awl in awl you were/just a brick in the Waw." The quote is from A Clockwork Orange. /explaining the joke)

Right after this photo they all marched over to the recruiting station and signed up to serve in Falluja.

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