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August 27, 2006

Sunday Sermonette: Bill Maher

As you may have heard, Christopher Hitchens gave Bill Maher's audience the finger. Hitchens was ranting and raving about how it's Ahmadinejad who's itching for a fight. Why that crazy dude believes that the end of the world is coming. Maher pointed out that G.W. Bush also believes the end of the world is nigh, at which point Hitch went over the edge, to the delight of television viewers everywhere.


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Q. Why did Hitchens give Maher's audience the finger?

A. Because it's the only part of his body that will still stand up straight.

Don't forget: That's "The Sexually Magnetic Christopher Hitchens" to all of us.


Poor old Hitch. He sold out, but tells himself he was buying in. Ha. He prides himself on being "part of the one percent" as he harped all night (after all, he thinks Bill Mahr's show is all about him.) Hitch is in good company with the one percent of the British population that thinks it's Napoleon.

Good for this guy! While I do enjoy Bill Maher and his show format, his audience is no better than a Jerry Springer show audience. They clap at anything anyone against Bush says, and will clap for anything Maher or one of his liberal guests says, whether or not it makes sense, is factual, or even if it makes no sense, they will clap. I wish more guests would stand up to the audience and Maher for that matter. Makes for good entertainment. Great show!!

I don’t agree with anything Hitches says, but he has an intellect while Bill Maher is just a simpleton comedian (not even very funny one) with sophomoric opinions and pop culture sensibilities.

One is a prick, the other is an idiot. Bullshit for everyone

dennis perrin has a good take on this subject

What good is having an "intellect" of note, if you're an alcoholic rube, insulting people?


Bill Maher is doing his job...he never claimed to be a member of Mensa (as far as I'm aware), he doesn't claim to be an expert on anything.

Whereas, Hitchens is supposed to be an "intellect" behaving like a stupid ass?

Haha, whatever man.

When people resort to the finger or ad hominem attacks that means they are insure with their viewpoints.

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