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August 10, 2006

The horror: Cephalopod edition

How the Moon got its Craters, originally uploaded by locamotion.

It's hard for a work to be this bad and still feature an octopus.


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I kind of like it. And not even in a post-modernist ironic sort of way.

I'm with dopealope. If you're gonna have tchochkes, they might as well be bizarre.

What do you mean "work this bad?" This is a masterpiece!

The glaze and the serene expression on the octopus, lovely. The grimace on the face of the Moon, I dunno. Makes me want to scratch somewhere. Nnnngngnnngngn.

So you don't want it?

So you don't want it?

Well, maybe as an investment. Evidently, lots of people like it more than I do.

Eine wirklich super Seite!

This is one of those cases where the title makes the difference between a good work of art and a bad one. I like this piece.

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