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August 08, 2006

Update from the campaign trail

The polls have been open for about eight hours and we're getting conflicting reports about the turnout. Some poll watchers say it's massive, on par with a presidential election. Other observers are saying that turnout is lower at their polls. It's hard to know what basis a lot of these people have for comparison. At the very least, the turnout is respectable for a Connecticut primary in August.

The mood at HQ is guardedly optimistic.

The news of Joe Lieberman's dysfunctional website is all over the internets. The speculation is that the campaign got cut off for non-payment of its internet bill. (If so, that's awfully weak for an outfit that's taken in over a million bucks in the last two weeks. You'd think they could pay their bill out of petty cash.)

I heard rumors that the Lieberman campaign had proof from its ISP that their site had been hit with a denial of service attack. Josh Marshall reports that the campaign has filed an official complaint, but as far as I know, they haven't produced a statement from their ISP confirming the allegations.

Matt Stoller is very skeptical about the hacking allegations. As Skinner of Democratic Underground observes, it's very suspicious that the campaign was able to post updates on their site. If it had been hacked, the site presumably would have been totally unaccessible. Skinner has the screen capture of the mysterious disappearing announcement on Lieberman's website announcing that the site had been hacked.

In other campaign news, Matt Stoller, Ari Berman, and I drove out to a Lieberman campaign event at a local deli. Pictures soon.

Tonight, I'll be with the Lamont team at the Four Points Sheraton to follow the results as they come in. Polls close at eight o'clock.


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Oh I know an even better one, let's just say "Lieberman's Won!" on national news, and see how that effects the late evening voting! Can we, please!

Remember, Lindsay, we want pictures. Try to snap one of the dastardly villain who hacked the Lieberman site, or at least the picture of the idiot in the Lieberman campaign who was too stupid and/or too cheap to pay for a proper campaign web site instead of paying $15.00/month at MyHostCamp for 10 GB max. bandwidth. Maybe Lieberman's $12 million dollar campaign couldn't afford better.

--Though there is zero chance that Lamont would have condoned such a stunt, this could really hurt him.
That says something about the likely instigators, in my perception.

If it was a hack/denial of service, then whoever did it should go to prison. It smells like a prank to me,

If it "would really hurt" Lamont, then why on earth would a ne'erdowell do it? I don't know much about book learnin' or nothing, but if it hurts Lamont, then wouldn't it be smarter to assume that his opponent's supporters are behind it? There is zero chance that Lieberman would have condoned such a stunt, of course.

Count zero I was making a point about how there was no one here pointing out that such activity is to be condemned, not excused and that scum resort to such things.

But then again I see right away with what kind of 'winners' I am dealing with here..

"My stash is getting a little low."

"...I was making a point about how there was no one here pointing out that such activity is to be condemned..."

Il va de soi--comprends-tu?

Dear Mighty Voices of Righteousness,

I defy you to point out a comment on this thread in which the putative hacking of Lieberman's website was "excused."

If no one is joining you in your little circle-jerk of indignation, it just might be because sane people don't tend to get exercised about wrongdoings that may or may not even have been committed.

Christ almighty.

--If it "would really hurt" Lamont, then why on earth would a ne'erdowell do it? --

Because their heads aren't screwed on straight. Because they think its fun. These people did commmercials comparing Bush to Hitler for Allah's sake. You think someone who did that wouldn't be stupid enough to pull a stunt like this?

It's pretty clear at this point the Lieberman campaign were just too cheap to secure enough bandwidth to protect their site.

Oh, and Phantom, more crow-eating, please. You were wrong, Alon was right.

Also: MoveOn never compared Bush to Hitler.


You give a most Clintonian response. I -saw- the ad several times. It ran on their website.

You boys love to rewrite history doncha? " Don't believe what you saw with your own eyes!! Their national proletariat never said he was BushHitler. They only ran the Hitler ad for a week, whats the big deal!!"


MoveOn did not produce the ad, nor did they promote it. It was submitted -- along with hundreds and hundreds of others -- to a MoveOn sponsored ad contest, where people were invited to vote on the best citizen-produced 30-second ad-spot. MoveOn did not screen any of the ads in advance. When they discovered the Hitler ad, they disqualified it and removed it from their site.

It's like the difference between a blog post and a blog comment -- capice?

Oh, and I got more tasty crow for you right here.

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