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August 09, 2006


Victory!, originally uploaded by Lindsay Beyerstein.



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So now Joe runs as an Independent, which means the Republican nominee wins? It might be worth it, if that gets Joe 86'd from the Dems at last.

I think it's unlikely. The Repiglikkin is a nobody; it's really a repeat match with Sulky Joe as the Sore Loser and a lot of Dems who voted for him saying " Come on; you've been a Dem for thirty five years. You didn't mean it?"

Hi Lindsay! What a thrill it was to meet you in person! And thanks for introducing me to Dan & Beverly; I may start stopping by more often. And may a geezer say, you take a good picture, but reality is better.

Oops! And thanks for coming up to share the evening with the Democrats of Connecticut! YEA!!!

Oh thank God.
Now Joe, do something useful, go get a job teaching political science, or lobbying for a worthy cause. You've been embarrassing us for long enough already. Ever since your VP run when you had to trot out your piety at every goddam turn. Holy crap! Then there's the Vichy Democrat business. The go-along-to-get-along senate collegiality thing is something we hope to see again someday, but now it just stinks of collaboration and it’s time for a different tack. You can scratch your Republican senatorial colleagues’ backs all you want and they won’t return the favor, they’ll just fuck you and fuck us and make you look like a sap. Wise up Joe, your time is past, you remind us of a geezer fawning over women half his age. Muster up some self-respect for God’s sake.

The Republican is worse than a nobody. He's a nobody with scandals going in.

Brian Lehrer had some local CT state folks on last night who were discussing the likelihood of Karl Rove tossing the Republicans behind Lieberman, which they all thought was highly likely.

Wouldn't it be delightful if he lost as the Republican candidate?

Wouldn't it be delightful if he lost as the Republican candidate?
Isn't that what he just did? ;)

Thanks for the excellent photoblogging, Lindsay. The next best thing to being there!

Congratulations! Beating a sitting Senator in the primary is HARD--I think this is a historic event.

LB is good at portraiture.

Awesome, awesome. Thanks for blogging all this...

Awesome, awesome. Thanks for blogging all this...

great photos, i look forward to you posting your recollections of this drama in the near future. keep up the fine work.

Pictures of Lindsay in the blogger room at the Lamont victory celebration:

Nice pix as usual, Lindsay. And Constantine, thanks for this pic of Lindsay. I always knew she was demonically possessed. Your picture proves it.

"I always knew she was demonically possessed."

Hey, it worked for Robert Johnson... if you have to sell your soul for outstanding blogging and photography skills, its OK by me.

[I]t's okay by me.

Me too. I'm not complaining. I'm just trying to figure out which blogger is most in league with Satan, that way I have someone on whom I can pin the blame for Lieberman's crashed web site. I'm trying to sell this story to the Weekly World News. That's about how much credibility the Lieberman-hacked-website story has.

Is somebody back there trying to give Lamont "bunny ears"?

Neil, yes! The perp was probably emboldened by the fact that Jesse Jackson scooped up a handful of confetti and sprinkled it over Lamont's daughters during his acceptance speech. Seriously! It was great.

For whatever reason, the Lamont team took a strong stand on reflective confetti. They were totally for it. Actually, I felt really bad for the Four Points Sheraton staff because the confetti spread throughout the hotel.

Honestly, I was a little freaked when I reviewed my pictures the next day. I was panicking because I thought I had dead pixels on my camera sensor. Lamont's hair had small blank spots in it.

Then I realized he gave his acceptance speech without brushing off the sparkles. It takes a big man to give a sparkly acceptance speech.

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