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September 25, 2006

Baby bunnies

Today's FlickrFind.

Not for technical merit, not for composition, just for the baby bunnies.


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My parents have a black lab named Promey (for Prometheus the moon, not Prometheus the mythical figure). Promey never seems able to capture any of the mammals in our yard or the surrounding woods. One day, though, my mother saw Promey brooding over something in the ground.

She approached slowly and saw what it was: Promey had come across a den of adorable baby rabbits and had one in her mouth.

My mother took one step closer, and Promey swallowed not only that baby bunny but every baby bunny in the nest in a big, seemingly chewing-free flurry.

Reminds me of the time, 30+ years ago, when I was mowing our lawn in Bucks County, PA, that had recently been a corn field. Anyway I was pushing the old Toro along, happened to look down and saw that the mower had just run over a scooped out area about the size of a small frisbee that was a nest with three baby rabits in it. They were scared shitless (or maybe shitty) but otherwise unharmed. I just piled grass clippings over them and went on my way and finished the mowing. Later our then 2 or 3 year old daughter was very impressed when I found the nest, lifted the clippings and showed her the baby bunnies.

You'd best be careful. I hear cute overload gets pretty angery when people move in on its territory.

How sweet! Are they yours?

Teh Cute!!11!!!11!!

That's too cute to be real.

No, they're not mine. I just got tired of all the cancer, and George Allen, and repression I've been covering lately. I needed some some virtual bunnies.

Too, too cute! I saved this as my wallpaper!

aeroman, when I was a kid the same thing happened to a friend's mom. Only they bunnies jumped and there were baby bunny body parts flying out the mower's chute. Gross.

I was building some stairs today in the woods, and this chipmunk kept checking me out. He'd run up to the bottom of the stairs and stare at me (stair?).

Baby chipmunk pictures next, please.

I just got tired of all the cancer, and George Allen, and repression I've been covering lately. I needed some virtual bunnies.

And here I thank you for covering all the cancer, and George Allen, and repression. Bloggers/blogging are/is turning out to be one of the heavier wrenches we can throw into the Bush/GOP/wingnut fascist machine that is grinding us up. Keeping it up day after day has to be a shitload of work, not to mention a monster time vacuum. It really is appreciated, and, more importantly, in the aggregate, blogging is making a difference. The late and sorely missed Ann Richards said: "I did not want my tombstone to read, 'She kept a really clean house.’” A glass to good blogging and slovenly housekeeping. If the Beyerstein place is a pigsty, we know you had better things to do.

On to rabbits. We had a little gray buck rabbit named Shredder who staked the basement out for himself and would attack dogs and any unfamiliar people that went down there. I actually saw him chase large dogs right up the stairs. He ignored the cat though. I built a luxury hutch and a coyote-proof enclosure for him in the back yard. The enclosure turned out to be superfluous. He tunneled under the chicken wire and roamed about in the woods behind the house, but always returned by dark. The coyotes never got him and he died of old age.

Thanks, cfrost!

Somebody asked for a baby chipmunk picture. I think you'll like the one I found.

I for one welcome our Cute Overlords.

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