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September 30, 2006

Crane Accident on E. 13th Street

Another picture from yesterday's crane accident.

Note that flags are not a substitute for sound crane-rigging practices.


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That was my first thought; 'What's with the flags'?. I mean, who's going to see them, a few riggers and a couple of passing birds? What's the point?

my first thought, I must confess, was "condos by Christo?"

No shit. Although, I'm out west I actually noticed the same yesterday afternoon on my way to work. A nice new crane doing something and right thar along that catwalk thingy, a HUGE flag. All I thot was can we just put up some goddamned piece of machinery to do a job without flags and yellow magnets?

Sorry, kids, construction workers are patriotic.

They are proud of what they do, and to a man they are intensely proud of their country. They fly the flag! Crazy, I know, but they're like that.

Why the flags are unable to prevent construction accidents, I'll never know. Must be Products Liability.

I've noticed that crane operators like to decorate their cranes. The Christmas light rivalry between different jobsites in Vancouver is really something. I look forward to it every year.

Flags don't prevent accidents, but I can't help wondering if this crew remembered to offer an evergreen tree to Wotan.

Phantom: You never told me who you work for.


And you never conceded that I'd accurately quoted Michael Moore, and documented same, all three times. Please do so. Its good form.

You did not document what Michael Moore said, you quoted Christopher Hitchens as saying that Michael Moore had said something which was not placed in quotes and was unsourced by Hitchens.

And you never explained what your beef was with the first two statements.

The dog walker for a friend recently climbed and then jumped off a crane in downtown L.A.

Those things (crains) are scary. But utterly nessesary.


If you read what was said, you'll realize that Hitchens was not my source at all. The ( anti-Bush, anti war ) journalist from the ( anti-Bush, anti-war ) UK-based Independent newspaper was my source.

You called me on the veracity of the quotes, not on the issues. I can discuss them, but first lets confirm that the quotes, all three of them are 100% valid, or tell me why you think they are not. "I don't like Hitchens" is not a reason to doubt the "white wimp" quote.

I'd bring back the original posts, but I don't see that Typepad has an easy search feature such as blogspot does.

I can't say the quotes are 100% valid unless Michael Moore takes ownership of them. Someone saying he heard Michael Moore say something which he then paraphrases in a way that might be out of context or have been misunderstood in the first place is not proper attribution.

there are a few reasons why we put up the flags.Hey, the reason that we fly flags is because we just love to piss all you people off.obviously its working.
the other reason is because where else could a 9th grade drop out make 150,000. a year doing something they love. everyday when I go to work i come home with a smile because i get to play all day long on a big a## crane just like when i was a kid....see yall

As for the comments about the Flags.... There are a few reasons for having flags on top of a Crane. I'm a crane operator myself and the one reason to have a flag on top is so Aircrafts can see them and know where the highest point of that unit is. Usually you will see a flashing light also to help in the night time. Wind! Wind is a big problem when working above ground level, so if you know wich way the wind is blowing, it may save you or someone elses life. Some is Paitriotism. Most Unions will have the flag of there Nation to show Unity, something we all need. If not too many people see the flag except a few "birds", then why didyou notice that it was up there?

very interesting posts and chats here.

I think the flags up there are great. Taking pride in your work and your country is a good thing.

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