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September 29, 2006

Hivemind: Real or Photoshopped?

spring break, originally uploaded by yeowoman1970.

Michelle Malkin says this picture is a composite.

What do you think?

Update: It's officially a fake. Check it out and see if you were right about what was convincing or unconvincing in the picture.

A lot of people said the head was too small to be real, but the real woman's head isn't any bigger than the Michelle head appears to be in the picture.

Julia now my Photoshop sensei. She nailed what was wrong with the picture in the first five minutes: Gaussian noise added but not faded back and inconsistent compression artifacts in the face vs. body.


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i'm surprised that more people didn't agree with lindsey bernstein...the photo makes malkin look like she has a shrunken head.

silly just wanted to believe this so much didn't you?

I'd say most people thought it was fake, so I guess that makes you the silly fool. I didn't even know who the hell she was and thought she was that intern on Capitol Hill sleeping with all the Congressman for gifts. I think you really wish we wanted to believe it was real so you could come here and say we wanted to believe it now didn't you? Who cares, she's just another insignificant media talking head. She probably was more outraged the bikini was from Target than anything else.

the original (non-MM photo) has been located,

here is the description:

some acknowledgement/retraction
on the part of the site first posting it as MM,
would be appropriate in keeping with liberal priciples of truth
and support of feminist dignity


Who is Lindsey Bernstein, and why should we care what she thinks about this photo or anything else for that matter?

"Who is Lindsey Bernstein, and why should we care what she thinks about this photo or anything else for that matter?"

Then why are you here? You must have cared about something to click on this article.

John's just teasing the earlier commenter for misspelling my name.

Oh LOL! Well, it's hard to tell whose who with so many thinking you had some connection to it. I never thought Photoshop or not Photoshop was such a politically loaded question.

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