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September 28, 2006

Hivemind, what's up at 5th Avenue and 16th St.?

Does anyone know what's going on at 5th Avenue and 16th St. in Manhattan this afternoon. When I came out of work there were cops and fire trucks everywhere. The whole intersection was blocked and cops were fanning out on the side streets talking to people in parked cars and on the street.

The rumor was that there was a suspicious package of some sort delivered to a building on that block. The Vidal Sasoon salon appears to have been evacuated. I know this because there were a lot of people on the street with their hair still in foils.

I wish I'd brought my camera.


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Don't know, but the NY Post will have something shitty to say about it...unless St. Rudy was involved...

mojo sends

I might be able to find out later this week, if anybody from school I'm going drinking with was around. What time did it happen?
And yes, pics of refugees from vidal sassoon would have been fun.

I left work about 5:15 this afternoon and it seemed as if the commotion had been ongoing for a while before that.

Hmmmm. I'll ask the guy who seems to live at the GF if he knows anything, if he comes to the outing. (And if we philosophy grad students can indeed manage to organize enough to successfully plan something.) It was probably just a scare, since there's been no mass email to the school body about anything.

4, 5 uptown from wall was acting awfully funny as of 5:45

No idea, but it does seem as if you work about four blocks from my school...

Cab driver told me around the same time that there were massive traffic delays due to a movie being shot in Washington Square.

I noticed similar problems outside Penn Station.... lots of ambulences and fireengines.... but I was in too much of a rush to stop and ask.

Oh, so you work near 5th Ave and 16th? I work at 110 5th Ave, one door up from the Esprit shop. I can see (and hear) the intersection from my office. I also saw yesterday's commotion but don't know what it was about.

I know this because there were a lot of people on the street with their hair still in foils.

Oh, God, I wonder what their hair will look like if they had to leave the color on too long.

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