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September 23, 2006

Instapundit on board to save the Tripoli Six

The campaign to save the six health care professionals on trial for their lives in Libya on false charges of spreading HIV to 400 children has gained another powerful ally: Instapundit.

So, progressive bloggers, don't let Instapundit have the moral high ground all to himself. Voice your solidarity with the Tripoli 6.

You'll be in good company. The elite journal Nature, the brainy crew at Seed (e.g., Revere of Effect measure), several influential Kos diarists, and countless other people of good will online have stepped up to demand justice for medics facing execution.

Please, add your voice to the chorus.


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This little horror has been buried in the back pages too long now. I’m not sure the US government will do much to help. Libya now seems to be exhibit A in the case for radical Islamic regimes coming around to their senses and playing by Washington’s rules. Libya has oil and BushCo will probably not want to roil the water. I mean, where’s Bulgaria?

Yet another dreadful chapter in the history of HIV induced hysteria and general craziness. When the HIV virus was characterized twenty-odd years ago, I figured that people, and policymakers in particular, would listen to the epidemiologists and public health experts and HIV/AIDS would be managed the way any other infectious disease is. Like mumps, whooping cough, trichinosis, whatever. But then I thought that when you could get a fifteen-dollar digital watch at K-mart that kept time as well as any marine chronometer had heretofore, Rolex, Bulova, and Cartier would be out of the fancy watch business. People are nuts, a fact proven by the majority of Americans that chuck reason for creationism.

Libya is not a radical Islamist regime. It's just a typical third world strongman dictatorship.

Libya is not a radical Islamist regime. It's just a typical third world strongman dictatorship.

True, though that it is, or is not, an islamic regime is a distinction very few of the voters the Bush Administration is trying to persuade will make. That it is a typical strongman dictatorship doubtless facilitates the current entente. Little dictators are people we’ve worked just fine with for decades. That cynical sharks like the Bush and Qaddafi teams probably understand each other, might even offer the slender hope that they could come to some sort of face-saving compromise that would free the nurses.

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