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September 28, 2006

Macaque in repose

Lonely, originally uploaded by hermeti.

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Love it.

By the way, I think Allen's most serious political problem right now is not even (sadly) the race stuff, but the fact that he's become a joke. He's the butt of monkey jokes, macacawitz jokes, etc. It's hard to shake that image once you've become an object of ridicule (see eg kerry). I mean, just look at the cover of the weekly standard (which has a monkey on his shoulder).

That guy is finished nationally - his "capital investments" for 2008 so to speak are going to dry up b/c he's too risky now. And he has a real shot of losing this thing down here. As a VA transplant, I'm pretty psyched that I get to vote for Webb.

The great thing is that any mention of monkeys in public discourse will make people think of George Allen and laugh.

That's branding for you!

everybody's got something to hide
'cept for me & my monkey...

Is that a Jim Webb supporter with a video camera? Oh, wait a second, it's actually a monkey. Oh, damn, now I feel stupid. I confuse the two ALL the time.

"I'm pretty psyched that I get to vote for Webb"

Christ, yes. I live in Charlottesville, Virginia, and am doing every damn thing I can to help Webb.

That little monkey looks more thoughtful in his repose than MacacAllen ever has in his entire life. It almost makes me disbelieve evolution because I refuse to believe that these charming beasts are in any way related to that racist piece of shit motherfucker.

Oh, and guess who got to announce the results of the now-passed Torture Law: That's right, the Macaca Kid.

Just mentioned this elsewhere, but here's one more sad irony. The US Senate homepage currently has this as its headline:

"We the People"
Celebrating the Constitution

Written in 1787, ratified in 1788, and in operation since 1789, the United States Constitution remains a vital and living document. Having been strengthened by amendments, the Constitution serves as both guide and protector of U.S. citizens and their elected officials. To encourage all Americans to learn more about the Constitution, Congress in 2005 established Constitution Day, to be celebrated each year on or near September 17th, the date in 1789 when delegates to the Convention signed the Constitution.

The United States Senate is proud to commemorate this day with several articles on this Web site...

It would almost be funny if it weren't for such a sickening piece of legislation just being enacted today. How depressing.

How about a Bill of Rights day?

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