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September 25, 2006

Molly Ivins battles breast cancer

That Texas journalist and humorist Molly Ivins is keeping up the political fight while contending with her third recurrence of breast cancer.

Damn, she's tough.


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My inner viking applauds the way Ms Ivins is battling this latest round of the big c, wielding her humor as both sword and shield. Tough as nails. Having lost both of my own parents to variations of this scourge, I realize the odds of facing it at some point are quite good. May we all have the strength to spit in it's face and kick it in the cojones like Molly, if similarly challenged. My money's on the Texan.

I second barstool's sentiments. Molly Ivins is tough, smart, and a fine writer. May she be one of the lucky ones!

The best-selling author and nationally syndicated columnist has just buried her dear friend, the late former Gov. Ann Richards, losing her to the same wretched disease that afflicts Ivins.

Not to be picky. Oh, hell, yes to be picky. As a cancer surgeon, I really hate it when lay people write something like the sentence above. Molly Ivins does not have the same disease that Ann Richards died of. Breast cancer is a different disease from esophageal cancer, with different behaviors and a very different prognosis. (Esophageal cancer is much deadlier and harder to eradicate.)

Orac, thanks for pointing that out. That line bugged me as soon as I read it.

They gave her - what, a 5-percent chance of survival?

She's already beaten those odds.

Go get 'em, Molly.

Unfortunetly, three's the charm with this shit.

Huge Good Vibrations Sent Molly's Way. She need s to stick around to see the what's-what.

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