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September 10, 2006

Monkey mirrors human facial expressions

Baby monkey see...

Hat tip to Thad.


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A little googling reveals a (bigger) higher res version, and also tongue poking.

And it's a macaque, no less! There's a George Allen joke in there somewhere, but I can't quite find it...

Makes me wish I was a primatologist. God, how cute. Seriously, if I had it to do all over again, I might have gone into the primatology feild.

Here is the associated New Scientist article.

I, for one, welcome our monkey overlords.

Incredibly cool.

i don't find it funny at all to show footage of our president being coached before a speach and call it "a monkey mirroring human facial expressions". not funny one bit. (he looks much bigger on tv)

epitaphforacentaur, the president is NOT a monkey, he just plays one on tv.

Seriously though, primates are in a shitload of trouble. We’re fooling ourselves if we think that a world unsafe for other primates will be safe for us. Not to get on a soapbox or anything.

Primate conservation links
Primate conservation inc.
Primate info net
Northwest primate conservation society
the bushmeat project
Univ of Cal Berkeley Museo of Paleont primate site

Awhile back I was reading Joint Attention theory which this little video illustrates. Primates do focus on faces quite a bit.

Joint Attention theory asserts strong face awareness arises in our ancestors prior to language emerging but indicates a base of why language emerged. As observed above it elicits a lot of care giving feelings, a lot of humor that unites people and so on leading up to sharing things like food and comfort.

thanks for video which is timely and shows clearly how our commonality with our cousins expresses itself.

OMFG That baby monkey is lethally cute.

Via email from my ex-primatologist friend Travis:

That is a spectacular example of facial imitation. I've never seen macaques do that before.

When I was working on some of my object individuation experiments I used
infant macaques (pigtails and stumptails) that were almost exactly the
same age. Out of around 30 subjects I used several times each, there
was not a single one that didn't spend the majority of the experiment
squirming, squealing, and relieving themselves all over the other
experimentor (notice that he's got gloves, a towel, googles and a smock
in the video). This monkey is some kind of uber-monkey. It's better
behaved than most college students.

That's hard for me to watch, but compelling non the less.


That has got to be the best comment I've read in a long, long time. I split my sides laughing..


I don't like the insult to the monkey...the comparison to Bush, in other words.

Welcome to America, baby macaque. Want to go to an ethnic campaign rally?

you're right mudkitty, it was a very cheap shot (at the expense of the monkey's intelligence & cuteness). :(

monkeys dont belong in lads lookin at ugly people how dont care about them they need to be free and wild and with there mum u sick and crul people u discust me and when u die i hope that u all go to hell.

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