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September 28, 2006

Pirro may have spied on own husband as DA of Westchester

The Republican candidate for Attorney General in New York is under federal investigation for illegally spying on her husband. Jeanine Pirro was caught on tape asking former New York City Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik to bug her husband's boat:

At a hastily arranged news conference yesterday, called because of an imminent television report on the inquiry, Ms. Pirro conceded that she had her husband, Albert, followed in the summer of 2005. She said she had discussed bugging the family’s boat with Mr. Kerik, an old friend who was then running his own security business. But Ms. Pirro, who was the district attorney of Westchester County at the time, said she never went through with the plan, and she insisted that she broke no laws.

Seething with anger, and choking up as she laid bare her marital problems, Ms. Pirro said that two federal agents approached her at her home late one recent night and revealed that the United States attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York was investigating her surveillance discussions. They had been caught on tape by Bronx authorities who were conducting a separate investigation of Mr. Kerik. [NYT]

Yes, that's the same Bernie Kerik who might have become the Director of Homeland Security if he hadn't gotten caught banging his mistresses in an apartment reserved for 9/11 first responders and doing business with the mob.


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From what I hear, Kerik talked her out of it, or at least raised reservations about the legality of doing this.

Napaleon once said that a good spy was worth 20,000 soldiers. Of course when spys get caught spying they are shot. Getting caught can be as little as raising strong suspiccions of spying which seems to be the case here. In other words the ones in charge of anti spying error on the side of safety and thus innocent ones get shot too. So the question that remains to be answered is whether or not NY voters are anti spying. They could vote for her opponent rather than against her.

"[B]anging his mistresses"!? That's a little harsh. How do you know that he didn't 'make love' (to both of them), even if it did take place in a government-subsidized apartment? Is love now a crime?! By God, if the government is against love then the terrorists have already won.

I'd believe that this truly was banging his mistress

Bet she's glad she married this guy.

Sad thing is that she has been a terrific DA. But this, on top of the other incidents with the mistress-banger, and worst of all the Leona Helmsleyesque quotes from Jeanine

....won't exactly help her campaign...

Yeah, I feel bad for her, she married a real shitbird.

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