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September 05, 2006

Republican Lynn Swann dunks a clown in partisan rage

Rent A Bozo, originally uploaded by KBlood.

Takes a big man to dunk an uppity clown in anger, like Republican gubernatorial Lynn Swann of Pennsylvania:

On Sunday, Lynn Swann discovered one of the great things about campaigning at fairs: You get to dunk your hecklers.

The Republican candidate for governor was touring the Allentown Fair when he drew the attention of one of the mouthy clowns who sits in the dunk tank, taunting passers-by. After Swann missed the target with several balls, the clown went for the jugular.

'I hope you do better at the polls, buddy,'' he yelled.

That did it. Swann, who had turned to leave, went back to the tank, throwing ball after ball until he hit the target. As the clown dropped into the water, Swann stuck his fists in the air, beaming in triumph.[]

Swann is also reported to have sheared a sheep. No word on whether the sheep made any jokes about Republicans fleecing people.

Via All Spin Zone and Thad.


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Awww...perhaps Swan was traumatized by viewing "It" as a child? Pennywise and "pound of fleece" foolish notwith standing, I know a few hecklers who could use a good dunking.

I haven't been to the Allentown Fair in years, but that dunk-tank clown is legendary for the nasty heckling he uses to goad people into playing. Fashion blunders, physical imperfection, if you're thin-skinned you should just steer clear of the whole area, but there's always a steady supply of suckers trying to avenge their honor.

Let me get this straight - a former PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL PLAYER had that much trouble hitting the target of a dunk tank?

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