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September 20, 2006

Tonsillectomy is a feminist issue

The latest safer sex question: Have you got still got your tonsils?

Turns out the damned things are cancer-causing virusbags.

[Via Groupthinktank.]


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Before you rush to get your tonsils out: a tonsillectomy is a surprisingly painful and dangerous operation. Kind of amazing that they used to yank 'em out on the slightest provocation.

Sounds like another good reason for the HPV vaccine.

'cept, of course, that good girls don't and therefore don't need the vaccine. Only dirty sluts get HPV and die horrible deaths of cancer. Their parents will be sadder but wiser and raise their replaceme^H^H^H^Hsisters to be more appropriately demure.


I'm going to go wash my mouth out with razorblades now.

Oh, great. Now the religious right has another plank in their campaign against the HPV vaccine: not only will it encourage sex, but oral sex as well, which is surely even worse. It probably won't even matter whether the HPV vaccine would protect against the strains that can cause tonsilar cancer.

I think we should spread the word about tonsil cancer and HPV. Men are just as likely to have tonsils as women.

I think if wingnut parents realized that their beloved boys could get cancer from HPV, they might not be so cavalier about dooming all those sluts to horrible deaths from cervical cancer.

Maybe we can convince some ultra-thumper to call for the mandatory HPV vaccination of all girl children in order to protect male tonsils.

I saw where you had put that only sluts get hpv and die of cancer. actually i have been with one person in life and that is my husband, i have had cervical cancer which is only 70% caused by hpv you're still a candidate. anyway, 68% of the population of the U.S has hpv, have you been tested?? i simply cannot believe your comment, it hurts me to even see that someone could say something like that. have half of your cervix removed at 19 and be told you won't be able to have children and then say that, so inconsiderate...unbelievable. my mom had hpv and i had to watch her wither away to nothing, i had to carry her to the car when she almost bled to death. i'll pray for you.

I am really surprised to read something like that.I think you haven't understood the seriousness of cervical cancer and it's consequences.So think twice.

concerned2006, I believe she was being sarcastic. She was making fun of groups that *do* think that way. She's on your side.

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