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September 26, 2006

Who's out to get you?

wiki for Bill O'Reilly's enemies because, Bill can't possibly keep track of all the "people trying to marginalize me, or worse, destroy" him.


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Man, O'Reily has slipped a cog. Just those excerpts from the Media Matters link, jay-sys...the guy sounds like he's completely lost his mind. Wonder when he's gonna work the Templars into the "S-P jihad".

BTW, you made the list, right between Ted Koppel and ABC news producer Rick Kaplan. Keep up the good work, and you must be ver proud.

Or very proud, even.

What did you do to make O'Reilly's list, Lindsay? This is news to me. Did he actually mention you by name? Wow, how cool is that! Did you report him to the phone company for his drunken, obscene, late-night phone calls? Did you refuse his gift, the ReamMaster 5000? Enquiring minds want to know, or we'll be forced to make shit up. Don't force me to do a tabloid number on you, Lindsay. I like you too much for that. And besides, you're one of the few bloggers who won't delete my comments when I mention the ReamMaster 5000. That counts for something in my book, or it would if I wrote a book. Or could write without starting every other sentence with a conjunction.

Wow, making O’Reilly’s shit list is quite the honor. Like making Nixon’s enemies list. I’d put it on my CV, and I’d hire anyone that had it on their CV. What did you do? Burn Lover Boy’s loofah?

Alas, I didn't make his official list. I made Berube's embellished list. That's still a big honor, IMO.

This is only the begining, LB.

Dammit, I was even going to post "Melkor who is Morgoth" in the comments at Berube's site yesterday but decided I couldn't be bothered. Now I wish I had, since it would make my claim that I understood MB's list was embellished much more believable.

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