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October 30, 2006

Bilal Hussein, the right wing blogs, and the GOP

Excellent post by Glenn Greenwald on what the lawless detention of AP photographer Bilal Hussein reveals about the Bush administration.


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Mr. Hussein's detention is a classic example of Secretary Rumsfeld's priorities. After all, "media manipulation" of the war is the only thing keeping Rummy awake at night. Not dead Americans, and certainly not dead Iraqis. The best way to win the war: Kill the messenger. Then and only then will absolute victory ensue. America, fuck yeah!

Greenwald doesn't understand why journalists have not been more insistent on at least sticking up for their own.

Could he have forgotten about the Anthrax attacks already?

Then how come they have held seven other journalists in the past six months and all were released within two weeks, except Bilal? Doesn't that seem weird?

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