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October 16, 2006

Bush's former FDA chief to plead guilty

The former head of the FDA, Lester Crawford will plead guilty to lying about the stocks he owned. Crawford, a member of the FDA working group on obesity, didn't want the public to know that he and his wife were heavily invested in junk food.

Under Crawford, the FDA refused to approve Plan B over the counter, despite the verdicts of its own scientific experts.

The anti-obesity chief with a small fortune in junk food, the woman's health advisor who's a serial
rapist, the co-chair of the committee to protect children who's an online predator....

You can play along at home! Let's make a list of the most egregious examples of the Republicans appointing people who are bent on destroying whatever they're assigned to manage. It's the HR equivalent of starving the beast and it's standard operating procedure for the Republicans. They hate the government, so they staff it with people bent on breaking it.


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Is this the same FDA head that raped his wife anally?


He turned out to be a fundie nimwit - a la' Swaggert, Coburn, Santorum, Bush43, et al.,,,

I believe it is.

More GOP shit to scrape off our shoes.....

The GOP has always planned on leaving us liberals with the clean up job.

Every time you mention another dirty Republican make sure you mention a dirty Democrat so that you will be fair and balanced. Gerry Studds fucked a page 33 years ago, so even if he's now dead it still helps to remind people of it. And don't forget to mention the Clenis (the appendage, not the lens).

Out of a sense of fair play - I now think it was 'Dr, Hager' who was the culprit I mentioned earlier...

See this link to the Nation for clarification -

I have become so numb to these types of stories. This administration is by far the worst in history!

Sadly, I voted for Bush twice. In turn for my loyalty, and the loyalty of many situated politically like myself, he and his adminsitration have systematically gone against everything that moderate conservative like myself believe in. He has increased spending, appointed absolute incompetent slob wonks to key political positions that demand expertise and the ability to actually think, pandered increasingly more, to his "base" the retarded religious right fanaticals, and taken scandal and ineptness to levels never before imagined!

These things are no longer shocking and quite frankly are not even news anymore, well not to me anyways. I barely even flinch because I am so used to it. How sad is that!!??

it's like watching bad television. the more you watch the better it gets.

at some point we will have our pendular swing and i can't wait for it.

Crawford joins a long list of disgraced Bush appointees and he is one further reminder to voters of the hypocrisy within the GOP...the party that has used morality and values to garner the support of a large block of evangelical voters. It has become increasingly obvious that many of these discredited appointees and politicians were simply motivated by power and profit far more than by their religious values.

As we near the November election, I can only hope that voters take the time to evaluate the divide between the actions of the GOP and the rhetoric they have used so effectively for the last decade. Further, when history records the events since the launch of the "Contract with America", one would likely expect that it will be concluded that the Republican Party abused the trust of their constituents and reneged on much of that contract.

Read more here:

NASA’s George Deutsch was a classic zero-credentials/zero-experience-appointed-to-power example. Harriet Myers, Bernard Kerik, Jim Guckert, Abramoff, Lay, Gonzalez, etc, etc, etc. – couldn’t just be a comedy of errors..

But I’m not so sure that staffing with incompetency for a purpose, is completely true. I think they also staff organizations with loyalty – not that blind idealistic kind if loyalty but the politically pragmatic kind. In my personal experience, those loyal to obvious and proven incompetency usually have a very limited or no moral compass – the job they actually do is secondary to Being There. They’re in it for themselves, scratching the back of the next higher up who’s in it for themselves, and so on. I’ve seen small companies tank because this kind of retarded politicization. In extreme cases, like with our current administration, what looks like a concerted effort to failure may in reality, be a group political clusterfuck.

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