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October 18, 2006

Charles Darwin's works go online

Cambridge University is publishing the complete works of Charles Darwin online. Half of Darwin's work is available now, for free, and the rest will be available by 2009.


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Oh Jesus, as if I didn't already have enough to distract me. I've already been there, neglecting work, reading about guanaco meat and sexual selection in Syrian street dogs today.

Its funny the first person to distort Darwins work was the godfather of socialism. Karl marx, and since then the "Left" have contiuned to distort science for their own ends see the Lancet report with a 120% margin of error!

Read the works carefully, and learn how real science and discovery is done!

...and dont tell me that "liberal" politics is the not the same as Socialism..that might have been true 15 years ago but since the defeat of socialism the euroleft and the american kosleft have merged into a postmodern moral relitivism stew, out went the defeated "materialism" of the certainty of human knowledge and in came the uncertainty of "relitivism".

You and your fellow anti-enlightenment kosleft followers are as much "liberal" as im a snowman, Hume is a liberal, Popper is a liberal, Kant is a liberal, socrates is a liberal, Adam Smith is a Liberal, Friedrich Hayek is a Liberal.
If you want to junk the works of these great men in your postmodernist stew then you are as much the enemy as the Islamist are....but on second thoughts you cannot comprehend that the Islamist could be an enemy, its all relitive isnt it? well check out Kants "categorical imperative"..and make the effort the effort to add some certianty and morality to your knowledge!

OMG!!1!!!1 It's a crazy person.

Seriously though, morality comes from the heart and the soul, not from the justifications of others written down in books a hundred years ago.

It's only a pity that the fine Cambridge didn't do this quickly enough for Oliver Curry to not say retarded things about goblin people.

How does guanaco meat taste?

How does guanaco meat taste?

Darwin says not bad, and furthermore that they might be a useful addition to English pastures.

Er, Hello? It's all on Project Gutenberg already -- has been for years.

>>Seriously though, morality comes from the heart and the soul, not from the justifications of others written down in books a hundred years ago.<<

WELL IF YOU CAN BE BOTHERED!! to read Kant you will understand regarless if there is "heart and soul" (i thought the Kosleft were stickly atheists?) you would understand the "natural law" and that has never changed.

But then agian, reading and understanding is not something Kosleft have much time for, too much spilling bile with their heart and soul.

Here's the Project Gutenberg catalog entry for Charles Darwin. To be honest, the site may be more useful in some ways; PG doesn't have every edition of every work up at this point. Also see Thomas Henry Huxley ("Darwin's Bulldog", and quite the racist), or Gregor Mendel, or Louis Agassiz, or John Tyndall...

I want to respond to Sean Morris, but I can't even figure out where to begin. Pointing out how social darwinism, the idea of inherent inferiority of brown people and scientific racism are hardly leftist ideas? (If you want, you can see racists opining about how Darwin and Marx were opposites.) Describing how statistical sampling works, and that the Lancet study wasn't a departure from accepted practices? Listing the socialist policies which we don't count as socialist any more because we do them here, not to mention the rising tide of socialism in Latin America? Poking fun at how he's complaining about all the bile being spilled at him, despite being the only one getting upset?

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