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October 01, 2006

George Allen's presidential hopes dim

eyes, originally uploaded by Sara Heinrichs (awfulsara).

George Allen's presidential aspirations are waning.


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So, who do you think the Republicans will nominate now?

I can't imagine what sort of delusions must rattle around in the heads of Presidential pretenders like George Allen, or George Pataki, or Mitt Romney. These are people who haven't accomplished anything worth bragging about, yet they somehow think that they are worthy candidates to lead a nation of 300 million people. Can't we set the bar a little higher?


So, who do you think the Republicans will nominate now?

I expect the base to rally around an anti-McCain, but it's not at all clear yet who that will be.

What DJA said.

I wouldn't underestimate the ability of the base to accomodate themselves to Big John. He's the not-so-secret love of the Washington press establishment, and (as we all know) that's a big advantage in a presidential race.

The base HATES McCain. All you have to do is check out the freepers and go to lucianne. They base will not vote for McCain.

And as I've said before, Gore will either throw his hat in or get drafted...preferably drafted, and he will pick Hillary as his running mate.

Get on the bus!

BTW, LB - again with the pictures.

Is this another "Is this really George Allen?" Photoshop question?

Who will the GOP put up against Gore/Clinton in '08? Jeb? Guliani (no way?) Frist is fucked. Who've they got?

Mike Huckabee? I'm not kidding, that guy is an excellent politician, a real knuckle-dragging fundie, and the author of a best-selling diet book (which is enough of a gimmick to fascinate bourgeois liberals and distract them from his very serious agenda).

My bet is Romney--he's demonstrably competent (Bain, Salt Lake Olympics), and even Republican's are getting sick of this administration's incompetence.

Romney's a Mormon, is he not? I don't think so. That's about as likely as an atheist getting selected to run.

Huckabee, now that's interesting. But, I think there's some shit on that guy, although I can't recall at this moment, what it is. Also, he's could be painted into a corner as a "Stay The Course Bush Toadie."

One word: Rudy.

A wild card that, if he got the nomination, could take maybe 45 states, including NY, NJ, CA.

Don't bet against me on this one.

If the Republican base won't vote for McCain, Rudy seems impossible. On the sex'n'religion issues he's more liberal than many Democrats.

Start with all the Republican governers in states that went for Bush in '04. Eliminate all the women, those with non-English surnames, and those with non-mainstream christian religious backgrounds. Eliminate those with net popularity below +10%. Eliminate any who will be less than 46 in Nov '08. Eliminate any with nasty public skeletons. Of those, pick the most photogenic.

That's the next Republican nominee.

That is probably Huckabee, depending on how the Dumond parole is portrayed in the early, intramural slime campaign. If someone with a lot of early money can smear him good with Dumond, the powers that be might back away from him.

The base HATES Rudy. Just go lurk on some right wing and republican sites, and find out for yourselves.

If Huckabee is their only choice, then he's a very weak choise, and people will be more comfortable with Gore/Clinton. Mark my words. Write them down.

My guess is Huckabee, but two years is an eternity before an election. Especially in these times.

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