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October 01, 2006

George Soros and Jason Leopold set up Mark Foley!!

Seeing the Forest has a great roundup of the Mark Foley conspiracy theories sprouting like so many mushrooms in the fertile soil of the right wing blogosphere.

The Right Wing Nuthouse has a particularly elaborate system of suspicions that somehow implicates: Jason Leopold, George Soros, ABC News, the Daily Kos, and the Democrat party (abbreviated list). Evidently, the Freemasons, the Elders of Zion, and David Ickes' reptile people were unavailable for comment.

Granted, the theory doesn't actually make sense yet, but due to the collaborative self-correcting character of the blogosphere, I am confident that enterprising sleuths will embellish the nouns (Soros, Kos, Leopold!) with some verbs and logical connectives in time for tomorrow's drivetime radio.

I predict that they'll settle on something like this: All Democrats and no Republicans knew that Mark Foley was a child sex predator.



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We are surprised that the ACLU hasnt stepped in to defend Mark Foley, theyd do something sick like that. Mark Foley has quit his job because he was sending sexually explicit email to teenagers. Foley, a congressman from Florida, abruptly ... [Read More]


They haven't blamed Clinton yet? Man, these guys are really off their game these days. Still, if it hasn't happened yet I'm sure we'll soon be assaulted by the "B-b-but, Clinton got a BLOWJOB!" counter-offensive.

I love Rick Moran, for the stupidty and the pissiness. In his first post on this topic he cried about tbogg sending foulmouthed bullies to his site, then started leaving vulgar replies embedded in comments he didn't like. While talking about how brilliant he is.
And yet, when I offered to show him that tbogg's readers can indeed discuss Kierkegaard and Proust, while swearing, too, he deleted the comment. Pansy.

"...and no Republicans," including Mark Foley. This is the miracle that is the Democratic Evil Empire. We control everything.

Clinton's penis used to be in D.C., so this is a bipartisan scandal.

No blue dress = no crime.

Moran etc. are right that the Stop Sexual Predators blog is highly suspicious -- it was clearly set up with the intention of moving the Foley e-mails into the blogosphere -- laundering them, if you will. A theory advanced at The American Thinker is that it was CREW.

And clearly, somebody did push them (and the IMs) on Brian Ross. It could have been one person, it could have been a handful of persons, even persons associated with the Tim Mahoney campaign.

But nothing points to any one person in particular, except generally toward someone who thought it made sense to create a fake blog -- and did so pretty incompetently.

Let's ignore the cyberpredator and the attempts by other members of congress to cover up his activities and focus on who tattled about it.
Good strategy, stick with it.
Also, cry gaybashing.
Cause, y'know, people will fall for that.

Better yet, cry gaybashing while bashing gays.

They're way ahead of you, Lindsey. After all, knowing he was gay means of course he was hitting on 16 year old pages, that's what gay guys do. Poor Mark Foley is so brainwashed by the cock he was actively recruiting. But it takes a lot of strength to stage an intervention for a cockaholic, and the house was too busy using that strength to fight back the islamofascistliberal hordes at the door. So, you see, this is the dems' fault.

LindsAy. Apologies.

Last I heard, the Elders of Zion were busy lending technical assistance to the poor migrant workers masterminding the Reconquista of the Southwest. But come on: do you really believe Clinton and Soros would embark on a conspiracy of this magnitude without consulting with Osama first?

...and I guess and its only a matter of time til we hear some dark speculations about the 16-year-old victim himself.

note that Hastert's letter to the FBI explicitly calls for an investigation into who held the IMs for the intervening period and did not bring them forward to the authorities. ie investigate the leak.

CREW went to the FBI. They immediately called in the feds, which is exactly what you're supposed to do in a case like this.


You forgot to mention that "CREW" sounds sort of gay.

Just gross... Pushing their ookie IMs on Brian Ross by the group handful.

And they were in league with Tim McVeigh!

Slippery incompetents!

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