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October 23, 2006

Joe Lieberman's field operation

Lieberman Ops, originally uploaded by Lindsay Beyerstein.

After hearing that Joe Lieberman dumped $387,000 in cash onto the streets of Connecticut in the week before the primary, I decided to re-run some of my photographs from primary weekend.

This picture was taken at a Lieberman campaign appearance. These kids stayed on one side of the driveway from these kids. The two camps didn't appear to get along very well.

Veteran campaigners speculated that Joe Lieberman hired a lot of people for his GOTV operation. However, we also heard that the GOTV ops were massively scaled back just before election day, which leads to the interesting question: Where did all the "street money" go?


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These photos are hilarious I will admit. You should have asked them why it was that they loved Joe so much.

But what would be wrong if he threw these guys a couple of bucks to hold Joe signs?

Nothing, I would think--esp if each person only got a small amount.

Go Joe!

Wherever it went.. it surely shouldn't gone... and THAT is the problem.

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