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October 20, 2006

Jonah Goldberg, the ambergris of democracy

whale, originally uploaded by lynn smith.

Jonah Goldberg admits the Iraq war was a mistake, and pro-war blogger Dan Riehl finds solace in scripture, specifically the story of Jonah and the Whale:

Jonah Goldberg has lost his faith, not in God, but in what freedom can bring to a free Iraq and ultimately a more free Middle East. Nothing else is going to eventually lance the festering boil which is radical Islam.

Yes, I know it's hard. I know more people will die. And I know it's easy for me to say because I'm not one of them. But I also know how easy it is to lose faith when you set out upon a noble cause.

I hope for Jonah's sake he finds comfort while he meditates in the belly of the whale. And I hope one day he is regurgitated on the shores of a more free, more Democratic Iraq.

Further spiritual reflections on the story of Jonah and the whale from Brother Alon.


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I'd settle for a less "noble" cause that didn't involve commiting genocide.

Actually Jonah Goldberg does remind me of Jonah from the Biblical story -- both Jonahs managed to avoid actually going to Iraq ... and both are angered that God doesn't display his vengeance and kill more of those Mesopotamian heathans.

So am I the only one who finds it ironic that a war-blogger is using the story of the Bible's ur-chickenhawk (i.e. Jonah who wanted someone else, namely Someone Else, to kill a bunch of Mesopotamians, but who fled rather than actually get his chance to make a difference in Mesopotamia) to make a point that Jonah Goldberg should stick to being a chickenhawk rather than souring on the war?

So does this war-blogger recommend that when Jonah gets regurgitated he actually sign up to go to Iraq? After all, that's what the Biblical Jonah finally did. Or do all these pro-war types have serious reading comprehension problems (which might explain how Bush & CO managed to sucker them into believing the war was part of the GWOT, good for Israel, would provide cheap oil or whatever they believed that made them support this dangerous folly)?

And I hope one day he is regurgitated


Good lord, who needs political satire when one's opponents write like this?

Lawrence says it. If anyone ever compiles a prose anthology along the lines of "The Stuffed Owl", they should keep this selection in mind.

I was thinking the same thing, LK. These guys are going to put Sadly, No and Jesus' General out of business. Mr. Riehl also probably thinks he's being clever and funny, but not in the way he imagines. It's kind of like laughing at a shitty comedian who's SO bad that you have to laugh at the spectacle he's making of himself.

The war is really faith based if the best argument people can field for it is an analogy to one of the most transparently pro-authoritarian books in the Old Testament. Like with the Iraq War, it's never explained what Jonah's mission is all about. God never says what exactly is wrong with Ninveh. When Jonah decides he doesn't want to do it, God's solution is to inflict pain on innocent people around him and force everyone to pray to it.

I do wonder about the metaphor, also: is it really Goldberg who's passing through America's digestive system, or the Iraqis themselves? Maybe those drama-queen heathens have already stolen enough of the spotlight with their ostentatious "suffering", and more attention needs to be paid those brave warbloggers at home, suffering a late-night crisis of faith while valiantly attempting to keep a Happy Face on staggering amounts of misery and death. Or maybe they might want to try a different story from the Bible: like, for instance, Pilate washing his hands of the death of Jesus?

Ambergris--That's some awfully expensive perfume, then.

Good heavens, that was genuine, not satire?

Well, that's the Fighting 101st for you: utterly bugfuck crazy.

"We Eat Chicken While You Eat MREs"

Guaranted Goldbery-Free Post: commenting only because I Know That Whale! That whale is parked at a petrol station/motor mechanic's not far from where I live in Sydney.

I believe it originally advertised a carwash at a different petrol station, and he bought it cheap. While it was newer and shinier it was parked up at the main road side of the outfit, but now it's hiding around the back with the washing machine.

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