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October 22, 2006


Apple Pie, originally uploaded by Lindsay Beyerstein.

An apple pie I made in honor of Roxanne's visit to New York.


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I need to get a camera: I baked a pie on Thurs. night (mincemeat) ... but then again, if I took pictures of my pies, I'd be stealing your schtick, nu?

Don't worry, I'm stealing pie-blogging from Fafblog. The internet needs more pie pics.

Actually DAS, I think she's stealing Fafblog's schtick, but it's okay because apparently Fafnir, Giblets and Medium Lobster don't do much blogging anymore. Someone's gotta carry the pie-blogging torch, so it may as well be Lindsay. However, if she abandons pie-blogging then someone else needs to pick up where she left off. If we don't see any more pie pictures here for a Friedman, then I'd say the job is yours.

Goddamnit! Lindsay beat me to the Fafblog explanation. And I was just about to buy a delicious apple pie just like the one pictured to consume in one sitting, but now my appetite has been ruined.

BTW, would potpie-blogging fall under pie-blogging, or would it be its own category?

Your post makes me realize that we really have a 'pie season' in this country. Fall is when we have an abundance of freshly-picked apples. It is also the season when we celebrate Thanksgiving. And Christmas and New Years' are not far behind.

Let them eat cake; I'll take the pie.

Wow, that looks great! Is Roxanne going to get a chance to taste it?

She is. She'll also get to try the plum crisp, if she's into that sort of thing.

First cupcake porn; now apple pie... I hope you brought enough for everyone ;)

That's funny. We're making pizza here, so I'll be posting my own pie in a bit.

LB - next time you come out to L.A. you've got to shoot some of the CAKEWALK food. You just gotta!

MMMMM pie.

Plum crisp? Scott told me it was carrot cake! Damn, I should have had a piece. Your pie was great; do please post the recipe!!

I can confirm that both were great. Thanks for making 'em.

Wow, nice looking pie there!

Wow, nice looking pie there! - Count Zero

And it would be a shame if anything were to happen to it. My partner, for instance: he's a little bit crazy in the pancreas ... and he has a tendancy to eat things. You find lots of people with a tendancy to ... eat things. Robots, for instance, who think we taste like bacon.

But, you're in luck today ... oh yes, definitely. I happen to sell pie-insurance ... you know, to prevent people, like my partner here, from eating that fine pie you've baked here ...

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