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October 24, 2006

Stolen cars from Norway ending up in Iraq

The Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten reports that more and more cars stolen from Norway are turning up in Iraq.

Also, dolphins from Scottland are turning up in Norway.

At least one of these things is a sign of the Apocalypse.


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» Cheap from Oliver Willis
Upon reading this. "You've got your Norwegian car in my Iraq!" "Well you've got your Scottish dolphins in my Norway!" "It's both!" [Read More]


And a Manatee swam 700 miles up the Mississippi River to Memphis.

Don't trust everything the Norwegians tell you. They all could be "Things" by now.
Ooh, two movie references in one day on the same blog! Booyah! So, what do I win?

Transubstantiation of dolphins into cars?

This is indicative of a Swedish conspiracy against the drivers of Tromso, to say nothing of Fredrikstad. This infamy will be avenged.

A thousand Swedes
Ran Through the Weeds
By One Norwegian

Ok, since straying manatees are mentioned here in the commentary and since Lindsay had another post on the subject a while back, I figured I’d plug Darren Naish’s excellent zoology geek blog on the subject of peripatetic manatees. You’ll have to scroll down to get to the manatees.

Re stolen cars, an anti-theft hint: An ex roommate has a couple of very stinky old dogs who ride around in her consequently almost intolerably stinky Subaru. The Subaru was stolen last year, then found months later, long abandoned, only a mile or two from where it was stolen. I’m pretty sure whoever stole it ditched it after a few minutes gagging in the car with the windows rolled up.

The plot thickens! Iraqi oil experts are turning up in Scotland!

It's the triangle trade all over again, I tells ya.

All together now!
"Experts - to dolphins - to carrrrsssss -"

Phantom, backstory on that quote:

"But, after nearly 100 years of Swedish rule and wars between Norway and Sweden near the end of that time, all but 184 out of 368,392 voters in Norway voted for independence in 1905; and it was granted.

In some respects, Norway being governed by Denmark and then Sweden would be similar to the state of Texas being governed by the state of Oklahoma or Arkansas. Texans would not like that.

It is easier to understand the rivalry between Norway and Sweden because of the imposition governmentally by Sweden on Norway and the wars and other hard feelings between them. Out of that, ethnic sayings became popular, such as "a thousand Swedes, running through the weeds, chased by one Norwegian."


Thank you! Every Norwegian and Norwegian-American I know is familiar with that quote.

The Norwegians and Swedes actually get along very well, now...this would be in the category of a mock-rivalry.

Though they can be very different people. Swedes really are more reserved, and some say self-righteous. Norwegians are a little more open, and certainly have been and are more pro-American. I remember chugging by train through Scandinavia. As the train passed into Norway from Sweden, we Americans got up and cheered when we saw that first Norwegian flag.

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