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November 10, 2006

Allen HQ: Last Year's Model

Suddenly her chances for a Hill internship aren't looking so good.

Full set here.


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Even though I didn't win the CT Senate race, I...uh, am still in need of an intern. We've got plenty of hills in VT. ;-)

Funny but pretty inappropriate. If the tables were reversed, and a GOP backed site posted the same, you lefties would be screaming sexism and harrassment and all the usual whining broad stuff! ;) But like I said, still funny!! And I agree with NTodd, there is still a need

and all the usual whining broad stuff! ;)

Please enlighten us.


It's "progressive" when they do it!

But that having been said, she is excellent eye candy, and I hope she gets an internship near here real soon. I'm progressive too!

Tongue in cheek Sven, tongue in cheek. You know what that means??? Jeez, you really DO need a lot of enlightenment!

Sven sounds Swedish

And Swedes are known to be overly serious, unable to get the joke.

A Thousand Swedes
Ran Through the Weeds...

You should have the rest of the poem memorized by now. Class dismissed.

Lads, I sure hope you appreciate this. It took me forever to find.

Sven, that's hilarious!!! I know you are ripping on Phantom and I, but still hilarious!!

As for the "whining broad" thing, that was inappropriate comment to match the inappropriate insinuation of the photo and its caption. That is all.

I am still laughing about the lumps!! Great stuff!

You're mistaken if you believe that getting an internship on capitol hill is hard.

The process usually goes:

Potential Intern: I'm a college student. I'd like an internship. I'm from your state.
Legislator: Exciting! What party are you?
Potential Intern: Uh, Republican? Democrat?
Legislator: Can you lick envelopes?
PI: Yes?
L: You've got what it takes to make it big in this town!

Plus, anyways, John Warner is still around.

B-Money, what do you think the photograph insinuates?

This woman is a college Republican whose candidate just lost his senate seat in a Democratic sweep of Congress. It's fair to assume that neither she, nor her equally ambitious male counterparts are going to get the Capitol Hill internships they so desperately want.

Oh yeahm that is what you meant by posting this particular photo with that particular caption. Right. ;) I am sure the fact that she is highly attractive and the hint of sexual whatevers was not insinuated at all. OK. Like I said, I thought it was funny. But if the roles were reversed and a conservative had posted the same photo with the same caption in regards to a failed DEM campaign, the shit would hit the fan. All you "liberals" and open-minded people would be pissing and moaning. That's all I am saying. Personally, I liked it and found humor in it, so relax.

Honi soit qui mal y pense, dude.

Are telling me I have a dirty mind?? Guilty!!

>Honi soit qui mal y pense, dude.

Ultra dig. Love it.

This is probably my favorite thread ever. It has it all! And is much easier to read than all that crap at the suckiest blog ever, Eschaton... :-)

Anything is easier to read than an Eschaton thread.

Hill interns are about eight levels below scum in D.C. She should count herself lucky.

You would like that 1984. Hey nice chinese post by the way. Ching chang cho to you as well! (I prefer to insult in english unlike the cowards here!)

>You would like that 1984.

Upbraiding someone with the Order of the Garter motto? Shit yeah. That's a quality lady with some book learnin'.

>Anything is easier to read than an Eschaton thread.

762 posts on Econ 101! And each of them about three words long. I like the blog, but Jesus, that train is just leaving too damn fast. Too much scrolling.

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