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November 19, 2006

Corporate graffiti: Illegal scaffold ads in New York City

One of Helio's illegal sidewalk shed billboards collapsed in the early morning hours of October 28, crushing a few cars. Luckily, no one was injured.

Back in September, Helio illegally decapitated a bunch of trees on W. 23rd Street to make room for its illegal sidewalk shed ad.

Now their illegal corporate graffiti is blocking street signs:
Helio Sign Obscures One-Way Street Sign

You can't tell, because of the damned ad, but that's the corner of Hudson and Christopher Streets in Manhattan.

Of course, this site displayed no identifying information about the company that built the shed, or the media firm that placed the ad there. This shed was custom built to double as a billboard. Normal sidewalk sheds are four feet high, this sign is eight feet high.

If anyone knows who's putting up these signs, who's building these scaffolds, or how much money is changing hands, please email me ASAP.


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Deliberately covering street signs? Looks like an accident/litigation waiting to happen.

Dear Lindsay,

Did you ever publish an article about this?
If so, please send me biblio information.

I'm writing something now about the Splasher and about the obnoxious Reebox ads spraypainted on the street.

It would be nice to refer to this Helio ad madness, especially if you dug up any substantiating links.


Best wishes,

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