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November 07, 2006

The Big Dawg

Bill Clinton stumps for Jim Webb at Webb's final campaign rally in Alexandria, Virginia.

Clinton's best line of the night was that, now that he's not eligible to run for any more public offices, his job is to be Hilary's caseworker in New York.

Clinton got a warm reception from the crowd. He talked about the injustice of the Republican tax cuts and the programs that the Republicans have to cut because of the massive deficit they have created without oversight. Clinton also stressed the importance of getting our troops out of Iraq so that "we don't lose Afghanistan." He described Afghanistan's current government a democracy holding the Taliban at bay, which struck me as preposterous, but the crowd seemed to accept that assertion.

I hope Clinton gives Webb the push he needs to beat Allen tomorrow. I think he was exactly the right guy to rev up the base for tomorrow's GOTV.


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I'd like to take the woman next to him and photoshop a great big pair of--

I can't believe I posted that. Please ignore.

(sorry Lindsay, I've been working for 13 hours, I'm punchy--feel free to delete if you like)

Don't worry about it. I've probably been working for about that long. This rally was the most exhausting photo assignment I've ever done. The cab got lost, so I ended up being on time instead of early. So there was literally no room on the riser. The place was so packed that if I didn't make it onto that riser, I wasn't even going to see the stage, much less photograph it. So, I took up a place on the stairs, but the media people just started yelling, "Hey, you, get off the stairs!" (I had credentials, they just had a rule about people being on the stairs of the rise.) There was nowhere else to go, so I had to force my way onto the platform with all the big TV cameras. This was a small platform about fifteen feet off the ground and nobody was giving an inch.

I had to put my gear down, but there was only about three inches between my bag and the back edge of the platform.

Then my camera battery cut out for no reason. I had a backup charged and ready to go, but when I say there was no room, there was literally none. I couldn't reach over to grab the battery out of my bag. Local TV news cameramen were screaming at me--Not at the white guys in suits who were pushing me, or ordering me to move over so they could stand in the non-existent empty space on my right, though. ("Let me just squeeze past you, hon...")

Luckily, I had a backup camera. Unfortunately, there was no room to change the lens, either.

I shot the whole thing standing on one foot because I couldn't figure out where to put the other one without knocking my bag off the podium or incurring the very vocal wrath of Mr. Local News.

Thanks Lindsay,

God, that's funny. What a life you have. Trade with you? Fuck no. But I think it's very cool. It reminds me of scenes from movies like Broadcast News, the crazy scrambling.

>I've probably been working for about that long.

Yeah, but measuring your work today vs. mine, I hesitate to call mine work at all.

We're proud of you.

By the way, it's not true that Bill Clinton is ineligible for public office. The only office he can't hold is the Presidency. John Quincy Adams was a Congressman after his term as president, and Taft became a Supreme Court Justice.

One way I've addressed this problem is to use painters stilts. About two feet tall. Pretty stable. Enough height to shoot something, and I'm not confined to a perspective everyone else is. Of course I choose to shoot from a place that doesn't block people behind me, but the stilts provide better options that way. And one can walk in them with a little practice so the mobility adds to the advantages.
Doyle Saylor

I guess I am almost alone among progressives in not thinking that Bill Clinton is some sort of "big dog", and in not liking him very much. I didn't like his giveaway of civil liberties to the telecommunciations suppliers in 1996 and I like it even less now that it has come home to roost.

Even assuming my thoughts are wrong, when are we going to see a new generation of Democratic leaders who can not only stand up and give speeches but actually take some action?


Cranky writes;
I guess I am almost alone among progressives in not thinking that Bill Clinton is some sort of "big dog",

Well I am with you here. The DLC is a serious problem for progressives in the Democratic party. Now Lindsay's remarks are not controversial. Clinton is popular.

But I also think Cranky the tide of opinion is flowing left. Eventually Clinton will be stuck in the 'mud' like the big carrier, Intrepid, in NY. Big Dog indeed.

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