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November 07, 2006

VA-Sen: Richmond

I just arrived in Richmond, Virginia. Unlike Alexandria, where I was last night, this part of the state is Allen territory.

The cab driver said that he'd heard about voter intimidation by Allen supporters in Chesterfield.

"Here's a tip, he said. Look who they voted for for governor last time, and look how the results turn out tonight. This election is going to end up in the Supreme Court."

I'm heading downtown now to talk to some voters and stake out my spot what I hope will turn out to be George Allen's defeat party.


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So we ARE going to be telling Al Gore Florida tall tales! Most excellent.

Maybe I'll head up to CT for the Lamont concession speech

If you want, I'm willing to bet you that the Democrats retake the Senate, even if Lieberman caucuses with the Republicans.

Just to be clear, Chesterfield might be Allen territority, but Richmond is not. Richmond was solid for Kerry in the last election. Chesterfield is a white suburb full of people who don't want to live near black people. So, yeah, out there you'd be near Allen supporters.


No, I will only have one wager this election.

That was with DCA on Lamont-Lieberman. But my understanding was that Lieberman was going to remain in the Democratic caucus

For those of you who haven't voted yet I'd like to remind you that Gerry Studds, a dirty, filthy DEMOCRAT, got busted 23 years ago for fucking a page in Morocco. Let's send a message to Washington: We will no longer tolerate scandals from the 80's, so therefore we must keep Republicans in power. The logic is inescapable.

So either One of the two Republicans running in Virginia wins
One of the two pro-life candidates in Pennsylvania wins?

Yes, that is Lucid Logic. One cannot deny.

Oh Phantom, now don't be bashful! I can't take credit when it clearly belongs to you. Take a bow big guy, because it's all you, baby!

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