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November 06, 2006


It's going to be a photo-finish in Virginia's senate race. So, after I vote at my county courthouse, I'm heading down to Virginia to cover the final stretch of the Allen/Webb contest.

Thanks so much to everyone who has made contributions to the Virginia mission. The PayPal button is on the left, if you'd like to make a donation.

I promise I won't get arrested.


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If you want contacts, contact me--that email address is good. I lived in Richmond for years, have a good network there, and now live in Lynchburg.

Even if you don't need contacts--I'll buy you lunch (or make you supper) if you come to Lynchburg.

(I'm married--I'm not hitting on you.)

Should stop by DC while you are there, it's worth the trip.

Am pleased to know you are (also?) an American citizen; your prior posts re: Canada had left the matter ambiguous (at least to sloppy readers like me.) Beware the morons; I refer to the drivers of Maryland, my beloved state, where the dead vote and the blind drive.

Oh common you have to get arrested and make the 6pm news!

Good luck, and go careful Lindsay. You don't have to do much in VA to deserve being tackled by Allen's stooges.

I promise I won't get arrested.

Yeah, sure, but how do we know that you won't knock up another guy? I think one Lindsay Jr. is enough, thank you very much. Keep it zipped, Miss Woman.

Lindsay, I'm not sure you can promise not to get arrested. You can promise not to commit any arrestable offenses, maybe....

Anyway, have fun, and good luck!

Will you be at Webb's election night party in Vienna, Lindsay?

I've got press credentials for George Allen's defeat party. The trouble with the Virginia senate race is that the candidates are so far apart. Allen is lurking way down south in Richmond, but the Webb party is in Vienna, VA.

I went to the Webb rally in Alexandria today. I want to make sure I get some shots of Allen tomorrow, so I'm heading down to Richmond early tomorrow morning.

In the neighborhood? You don't call? You don't write? ;-)

I think Allen needs to concede to save money on the recount and to follow Al Gore's lead. To drag this on would be a spoiled sport.

Be slow to promise and quick to perform... Nicholas

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