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December 22, 2006

Christmas Bread

Christmas Bread, originally uploaded by Lindsay Beyerstein.

A scene from today's marathon holiday baking session.


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Who is the beautiful woman with the cool four-loaf pan?

Must have been a nice aroma in the house.

Marathon baking? A new sport?

Pass the butter please.

The woman with the four-loaf pan is my Nana Christine. The pan was my great grandmother's. Great grandma was a widow who ran a home baking business to supplement the income she got from taking in boarders. I think she got the four-plex pan custom made when she started out.

Damn! It's too late to get my family to bake them for Christmas! My brother's family's in Florida for the Holidays, my sister lives in Wisconsin...

And my parents and I are going to the Hilton Short Hills for Christmas brunch :(

But hey, at least I'm not paying!

Not meaning to sound like Scrooge,

P.s. That recipe sounds great.

Thanks for the picture and the recipe post. It brings back all the memories of my grandmother cooking and the kitchen filling with wonderful smells. I love the smell of baking bread. A little wood fire in the stove and some snow on the ground and its a perfect holiday.

Unfortunetly I have it on good authority that I'm a horrible cook, but I'll pass the recipe on to my sister so maybe I'll get to actually taste it.

Merry christmska or festivis or know. Emote good feelings.

Excellent shot, Lindsay. You are a portrait photographer par excellence. Hope you are enjoying this Jewle-tide season. To salute your Norwegian forebears, pillage a town for us. To salute your Jewish heritage, kipper some herring for us...from a fishing village you just plundered. Kippering = Kosher(ing), n'est-ce pas? I'm so easily confused.

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