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December 06, 2006

Majikthise is 2006 Weblog Award finalist

The finalists for the 2006 Weblog Awards have been announced and to my great surprise, I made the finals. (I didn't even know I was a contender.)

Best Individual Blog
The Anchoress
Dr. Sanity
Andrew Sullivan
Evangelical Outpost
Riehl World View
Blue Star Chronicles
Talking Points Memo
Unclaimed Territory

Thanks to Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, himself a finalist in the Best Liberal Blog category.

Voting starts tomorrow. I will post the link and voting instructions when they are available.


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Lileks? Some tough competition, that.


majikthise has my vote. TPM isn't a "real" blog, 'cause the only way you can interact is to e-mail Josh. He then decides whether or not your comment deserves sharing with the readers. And, almost a third of the posts come on the weekend, when he turns the place over to DK...

Never mind Lileks, you're up against The Anchoress and Riehl World View? This is a slightly inconsistent use of the word "Best."

Unclaimed Territory... whoo-hoo. Lileks is worthy competition too. I can't speak to the others (well, I can say that The Anchoress is a sign of some odd use of the word best, and Sully offended me so deeply that all I can say to/about him is profane).


congrats to you lindsay, you've worked hard, and i hope you win.

of course i can say that because you're not in my category.



In my mind you've already won. Now I just need to Diebold the election so that my state of mind becomes reality.

I raise a glass to you with the drink I've already fixed in my mind, and in a few short minutes it will become reality.

Congratulations and good luck. I must say I'm surprised and very impressed to discover that you are actually one person.

yes, your blog is very very good. first the NYpress cover, now this -- it's clear that your shit is blowing up. still, greenwald writes about 10,000 more words per day than you do (doesn't necessarily mean anything, also doesn't automatically mean nothing). so while i'd much rather "have a beer" with lindsay, my vote goes for glenn. (this is just '06; '07 is YOURS, beyerstein -- no excuses)

I am not sure if it much praise to be on the same list as "Dr. Sanity."

I'd be proud to lose to Glenn. He's a genius.

Against Dan Riehl = For Muslamonazism

Hope you're happy.

'Tis true, losing to Greenwald = no shame. Having said that, YOU (yes, Y-O-U) are one of the smartest bloggers on this hominid-dominated planet, and there are a LOT of hominids these days from what I here. Skippy put it best when he succintly said, "[Y]ou've worked hard..." Okay, hold on a moment. I'd like to proffer this addendum: "...And she's whip smart too."

You've got it goin' on, girl. Like I said earlier, you've already won in my mind. But opposed to my jest earlier, there'll be no Diebolding. (Besides, I have no knowledge of how to rig an election, online or otherwise.) I do not want any fraud to taint the outcome. May the best man win, as long as that man is a woman: Lindsay Beyerstein. Any other choice is equivalent to electoral dryrot (except for Greenwald and TPM; they are worthy adversaries).

Also Sprach John-a-Luc-tra

I'd be proud to lose to Glenn. He's a genius.

And you aren't?

The Anchoress? In the finals? A finals using the word 'best'?

Forget that noise, Dr. Sanity has appeared in at least 4-5 of my "The Left keeps moving my furniture around and eating my pills" roundups. I'm voting for it.

Of course, the genesis of the Weblog Awards was the Wizbang site, once populated by reasonable reactionaries, now entirely commented upon by totally unreasonable reactionaries. Here's the rundown from 2004, when Jesus' General, the only left-of-center humor site, receiving something like 5% of the vote out of all the candidates.

Congrats. You do a nice job, Lindsey. Do you take requests? Write a few words about the unfounded hysteria surrounding thimerosal and the phony "autism epidemic". This is a misuse of science that would make Karl Rove blush, and it's perpetrated by the left, right, and everyone in between. Not to get on my high horse or anything, but you obviously have the science background to write intelligently about it.


I'm glad I'm not the only one who had no idea my blog was nominated, let alone a finalist.

We're up against Orcinus in our category. Though losing to them would be much better than losing to Stop the ACLU.

Being very honest, it's hard to say if I'd vote for you or Glenn if we could only vote one time. If we can vote once per day I'll split them some percentage for each of you, maybe 5-3.

I figure in this age of electronic voting it's helpful, if you can, to record your voting intentions publicly.

I think you're the better writer, but he's been covering such important legal issues better than anyone and needs the attention.

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