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December 23, 2006

Mmm, lefse

Lefse, originally uploaded by Lindsay Beyerstein.

We don't do lutefisk.


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As a child growing up in Norway and then embracing our cultural identities as fishermen in Alaska, we always, repeat always, mixed cinnamon with the sugar we put on the buttered lefse. In fact my mother had a sugar shaker with the cinnamon already mixed in. On the Kenai Peninsula, lefse and salmon were our daily staples.

Food pornography!

" We don't do lutefisk."

Though I have to say lefse and salmon would definitely beat lutefisk. A nice Copper River sockeye or an oily Chinook, and put a little nutmeg in with the cinnamon.

Question: Are lingonberries a Norwegian favorite or are they specific to Sweden?

We had a new family joke after I went on a quest in Alexandria, VA, for lingonberries on the morning of Christmas Eve a few years back. I knew my Swedish-American stepmother-in-law was used to having them, so I tore the city apart looking for gourmet shops, happily finding the lingonberries at a Sutton Place Gourmet (not defunct).

I never knew Majikthise had so many Viking readers. Consider this my Xmas gift to Lindsay and all her Scandinavian fans. In Web time it's an oldie-but-goody. Definitely a classic.

For peace and trust can win the day.

Babette's Feast...

This thread is probably dead by now, but as a fellow lefse maker I have to say nicely done on the color and scoring, Lindsay. I'm making some assumptions, but there's a good chance those hash marks are the sign of rolling it out nice and thin with a rolling-pin cover. No cracking when you fold it, right? And of course although it's great hot off the griddle it's also VERY good cold for breakfast!

Double yes on the special shaker of cinnamon sugar, always handy. Merry Christmas everybody.

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