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December 21, 2006

Video: Panda sneeze

Cutest thing ever.


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I am now convinced beyond any doubts that I am a reincarnated Panda. F33R ME LOLLERCANNON!!!11eleven

Oh man, that's both hilarious and adorable. Who knew baby pandas sneeze so loudly? Obviously, mom didn't.

Check out the video @ CNN & Zoo Atlanta of a live panda birth. Once that little butterstick slips out, the thing squalls like you wouldn't believe.

(Infant pandas are so small that they need to be able to vocalize to keep their mothers from lying down on's clearly a survival mechanism.
After a few hours the smell thing kicks in.

I check out the site Pandafix everyday, just like with Majikethise.

Jeebus, at first I thought it had blown up ...

Too funny. Scared the crap out of mom. And me.

I've seen that before, and yet it makes me laugh out loud every single time.

I especially like how the panda mom seems to look at the camera afterwards, like, "What the FUCK was that?!?!"

there are no words to express my gratitude

thank you so much. i watched that three times & laughed each time.

The panda's "thumb" really does work. She didn't drop the food.

That is so friggin' funny. I wasn't going to watch it, but then saw people's responses.

As Chris said, hilarious and adorable.

Panda's are funny and social.

I've never seen one, I'd like to. I especially love that the big panda does a take at the camera, like a character on a variety show.


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